10 Creative Romantic Gift Ideas Under $10

Many people struggle with finding the perfect romantic gift for their significant other. No matter what the occasion may be – Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, or maybe just because, there are many meaningful presents you can give to your partner that don’t cost a lot and can be something they treasure and remember for many years to come.

Romance should not come with a price tag – it needs to come from the heart.

10 Unique and Creative Ideas for Less Than $10

1. Photo Collage: A photo collage is a great way to collect special memories of time spent together. You can purchase an inexpensive frame at a local discount store, or even create your own from paper or other materials. You can build a theme around a certain occasion, trip, or memory or just make a collection various pictures you have of the two of you together.

2. Make Your Own Book: You can rewrite the story of how you met or a book of reasons you love your partner. You could also rewrite a fairytale substituting you and your significant other as the main characters. You can purchase blank journals to hand write and illustrate your own, or simply use loose sheets of paper and attach them with ribbon. If you are not artistic, you can always cut out pictures from magazines or print them from your computer.

3. A Basket of Sweets: If he or she enjoys a certain type of candy or food you can often get several different kinds and place them in a small container for less than $10. For an added touch of romance, attach a short message to each item with romantic love quotes or reasons why you love him or her.

4. Dollar Store Raid: If you have dollar or 99 cent stores, you could visit one of these shops and spend exactly $10 on 10 items and give these items as a creative gift. You can either choose items such as light bulb and attach a message like “You Light Up My Life” to it, or you could pick other items that your partner may need that can be compiled together in a survival kit for work, school, or other situation.

5. Flower Seeds and Container: Giving your partner a pot of dirt and some seeds may not seem romantic at first, but if you attach a sweet message such as “my love grows for you every day” it is a cute and inexpensive idea. You may even be able to get a small plant that blooms constantly if neither of you are very good at gardening.

6. The Classic Music Mix: Picking out some meaningful songs and storing them in a USB Key or a memory card is a great way to show a little romance without spending a lot of money. If you play an instrument or like to sing, you can also always write a special song just for him or her.

7. Printable Gifts: There are many things you can make and print from your computer, such as magnets, love coupons, and even iron on transfers for a making t-shirts. Any store with an office supply section often stocks these special papers and items that you can use with templates to design a personalized gift.

8. Romantic Games: You can create your own romantic game by using old board games or a deck of cards. Another idea is to get a game or activity the two of you enjoy doing together, such as a puzzle.

9. Sheets: There is nothing like a nice soft sheet set for a little romance. You don’t need expensive cotton or thread counts – you can often find many sets for less than $10 at discount stores that are very soft and luxurious. If you are skilled at sewing or have a friend who can sew, you may even be able to make your own sheets using a printed fabric.

10. Make Your Own Jewelry: Many craft stores sell inexpensive supplies and kits for creating jewelry. You can also often find and make things with items you just happen to have around the house, such as an old chain and a special charm you could use. You may be surprised that this will be received with the same excitement as diamonds, especially if paired with a special note.

The creative and romantic gift ideas will be sure to show your partner how much you care or think about them and be a gift he or she will remember for years to come. It is these kinds of sweet gifts under $10 that are truly priceless and the most meaningful.

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