10 Questions That Will Reveal If Your Man Is In Love With You

  1. “Do you want to be with me forever?” — See if he hesitates. If he hesitates in answering the question, then that is a clue that he has not thought about keeping you in his life for a long time.
  2. “What do you think about marriage?” — If he is really in love with you, he will be positive about the topic, maybe even seriously discuss it with you. You should not ask this question unless you’re ready for marriage.
  3. “Would you stop smoking/drinking/gambling for me?” — If he really loves you, he will at least be willing to discuss giving up a vice for you. Don’t just ask him this question just to test him.
  4. “I know you don’t like to do ____, but I would really like to.” Again, if he loves you, he will be willing to discuss this issue and agree to some sort of a compromise.
  5. “Do you want to go away with me for a weekend?” — Going out of town can be a great way for you to see whether he is romantic or not.
  6. “What would you think of my parents coming to stay with us for a weekend?” — If he can graciously accept his in-laws invading for a few days, he is crazy about you.
  7. “Would you come over and help me with something?” — If he is just using you for sex or companionship, he would not want to help you do any chore. If he loves you, he will want to help you with most things.
  8. “How do you really feel about me?” — Listen carefully to his answer. If he hesitates or uses vague words, he might not really love you.
  9. “Where do you want to be in ten years?” — If he only talks about his job or finances, that is a sign that he does not see you as being an important part of his life.
  10. “Can I leave a couple of my shoes at your apartment so I don’t have to always pack a big bag when I am coming to stay for the weekend?” If he loves you he will want some of your things in his house or apartment.

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