17 Easy Fun Ideas to Keep the Passion Alive

So the Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s that special time of the year that you see love and passion gets more attention all around you. But keeping the passion alive in your loved life is NOT only for this single day.

It’s something you can enjoy all year long – for any occasion or no occasion at all. Because you know, a relationship without passion, is like a body with no heart. Can you really call it alive?

Have you seen those cute couples who have been together for many years or even decades, but you still see the smiles, and those rays of love literally shining from their face? It’s as if they’ve met each other yesterday.

So what do you think is their secret?

And more important… how can WE have the same kind of passion and love that’s rockin’ alive after so many years? Well, how would you like to discover 19 fun creative ideas to bring back the passion and excitement into your relationship today?

17 Fun Creative Ideas to Keep Your Romance Passionate and Alive

  1. Being around food spikes oxytocin levels in men and women. Cook together and share those good feelings he/she gets from food.
  2. Physical space can be a huge symbol of independence for many men. Don’t scare him away – respect his privacy.
  3. Give him goosebumps and kiss his ears. The edge of the ear is packed with nerve endings and is ultra-sensitive. Also, you may be surprised how sensitive his neck is. Some women think only we are turned on when our man kisses and plays with our neck. Well, guess what? So is he! So give some playful attention to his neck next time, and see his reaction for yourself.
  4. When you criticize, he will tune out. Talk so he will listen, and give praise. It will encourage him to try harder to hear you.
  5. The right man/woman will love all the things about you that the wrong person was intimidated by. A good sign that you’re dating the right person is when you can totally be yourself around him/her, and he/she adores you for who you are. If you have to change or pretend in order to win his/her love, you’re better off with someone else.
  6. Let your man peek when you are primping. It’s something other guys don’t get to witness and reminds him you are all his.
  7. Catnap near your partner. It allows him/her to see you completely relaxed and in your most trusting state.
  8. Always learn how to forgive. Trust is crucial in a relationship and learning to forgive your partner is key in maintaining trust.
  9. Always keep your own dependence and independence in balance. Dependence can often make your partner feel trapped.
  10. Bring back the romance in your relationship and recreate your first date. It will help to remind you why you first feel in love.
  11. Exchange massages with your partner. This will help develop intimacy in the relationship and relieve stress.
  12. Don’t be afraid to be silly together. Keeping each other smiling – laughing is key for a happy relationship.
  13. The 3 most important C’s when it comes to a relationship: Compromise, Communication, and Cuddling.
  14. The line between being comfortable and taking each other for granted is very fine. Always know what side you are on.
  15. Play fun sexy roleplaying games together. Games are not just for the beginning stage of a relationship. They can spice things up and add more passion and romance to your love life. Show your partner you’re still the sexy fun girl/boy they falled in love with in the first place.
  16. Try new things together. Whether traveling to new places, taking on a new hobby together, learning a new dancing style, signing up for a new class (like Yoga or singing), and so on. Trying new adventures together adds a new flavor to your life, brings passion back alive, and make you both feel love is still exciting and fresh – even after a long time of being together.
  17. And last but not the least, keep things hot, exciting, and fresh in the bedroom. You can do a little search online and you’ll easily find tons of fun creative romantic ideas to try. From games, costumes, positions, new locations, and more. Because as you know, a healthy physical connection is an important part of a happy passionate relationship.

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed these 19 ideas to boost the passion and romance in your love life. So why not share your favorite ideas among these with your partner and give a try.

You bet you’ll have a great time trying new things that bring you and your partner closer.

Wish you all the best, and happy Valentine’s Day!


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