3 Tests To Determine If She’s Interested

Despite what you may have already been taught; the average women has already decided within the first 3 minutes of meeting you, weather or not she will let you have sex with her. Luckily for you there are certain responses and signals that she will give off to let you know if she is interested.

These first three minutes are the best time to both find out if she is interested in you and to help identify what makes you attractive to her.

When a woman meets you, even if she thinks you are gorgeous, you represent a problem to her. While you are thinking about great she’d look naked, and wondering if those the twins are real, she is thinking about how you will eventually leave her like all the others before you, and is convincing herself that she shouldn’t even bother giving you the time of day.

She will immediately want to categorize you as a “friend”. If you act like a friend then that’s exactly where you’ll end up. However, there are a few things you can to prevent this.

When you show are romantically interest during those 3 minutes you prevent her from improperly labeling you. Here are some things you can look out for to let you now if you are headed for the dreaded “friend” zone.

For instance, does she blush when you smile at her, or look angry? Does she smile or giggle when you subtly check her out, or does she reach adjust her blouse and cross her arms? Does she light up when you throw out a compliment her, or does she tell you how great her “boyfriend” is?

By looking out for a few little hints such as these, you can immediately tell if you are wasting your time or not.

If things are looking favorable you, here are a few more tests you can administer to determine weather you should take things to the next level.

The body-check test: The objective of this test is for her to see that you notice her beauty, without creeping her out and leaving her feeling objectified. You do this by making eye contact, then quickly passing your eyes down and then up over her body, then back to looking her in the eyes. It is imperative that this happen quickly. If she seems relaxed or happy when you meet her eyes again, she’s interested. If she gets cold or distant, you may have spent too much time on this glance.

The eye-contact test: While you are conversing with her, you want to be sure to have eye contact at least some of the time. At least once, hold the eye contact a little “too long”–just a fraction too long, so there’s a brief, more intimate moment between you. If she holds your eye, she’s interested in more. If she looks away, she’s not.

The compliment test: In this test you give her a compliment, and see how she takes it. The only trap here is that the compliment must be one a potential lover would make, not one a friend would make. Here’s the difference: friends say something like, “You have a very nice purse”. The compliment doesn’t show that you’re interested in her romantically. A real compliment is something like, “Wow, your eyes look absolutely amazing,” or, “I have to tell you, you have really great hair. It really brings out your beautiful features.” If she smiles at your compliment, and thanks you warmly, she’s interested in more.

With a little practice you picking up on these subtle hints will become like second nature. You’ll soon be able to determine whether or not you should start to pursue more aggressively, or take bigger risks and use some more advanced techniques.

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