5 Fun Facts on French Kissing

So what is it about French kissing that has made it so popular? This creative French way of kissing have its own dark secrets, and you’re going to discover them in this article fun facts about French kisses. For example, want to know what the French call a french kiss?

French Kiss Fact One: The French don’t french kiss – they ‘roulant une pelle,’ which translates to “rolling a shovel.” How… romantic?

French Kiss Fact Two: While the great Heath/Jake snogfest of 2005 had everyone up in arms, the first man-on-man action on the big screen took place in 1927 (in the film Wings).

French Kissing Fact Three: Speaking of movies, the film with the most kisses? Don Juan squeezed 191 smooches into 110 minutes.

French Kissing Fact Four: The longest kiss in recorded history lasted 31 hours and 30 minutes. Hopefully, their make out sesh was sponsored by Chapstick.

And last, but definitely not least…

French Kiss Fact Five: The unsexy side of smooching– one tongue kiss can transfer up to 278 different types of bacteria; and a lowly peck on the cheek can raise your hormone levels so high that a minute is shaved off of your life.

So did you discover anything interesting that you didn’t imagine before? Then how about you share these fun facts with your friends so they enjoy it too?

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