5 Signs Your Ex Is Still Not Over You

Do you sometimes wonder if your ex is over you, or still thinking about you? Did you know? There are 5 simple signs that helps you discover the truth.

When we remain in contact with an ex, we may sometimes receive hints of attraction from that person that border past friendship. The truth is, we can never truly erase all feelings shared with someone we previously were intimate with.

If you’re wondering whether your ex still might have feelings for you, here are some signs you may want to look for…

1. Your ex makes an effort to stay in contact with you.

When your ex is consistently putting effort into maintaining contact, they not only care about you but think of you on a regular basis.

Showing genuine interest in your life is a sign they have your well-being at heart, and their desire to stay close means they enjoy your company and welcome your opinion.

2. You can still rely on your ex when in need of help.

It says a lot if your ex is willing to help you when you most need them. Of course, that doesn’t mean they should be willing to help you every time you have even the tiniest problem, but knowing they have your back when you really need them tells you they still hold you close to their heart.

3. Your ex envisions you in their future.

When your ex talks of the future and assumes you’ll still play a role close to them, it could be a sign they still hold onto the possibility of getting back together in the future.

Of course, it might not mean that, and certainly you shouldn’t hold onto false hope. It does mean your ex sees the relationship between the two of you as special, and they should not be ditched just because of a bad break up.

4. Your ex still sends you a card or present during special holidays.

This is a fairly big clue that they are still not over you, especially if their present is something meant to be used or worn. Why? Because if they want you to use something they gave you, it means they don’t want you to forget them.

If their fear is that you’ll forget about them, then clearly they still think you’re very important in their life.

5. Your ex has brought up your past relationship in a positive light.

Your ex might also bring up certain regrets relating to your relationship. As long as they are NOT intoxicated while they’re reminiscing about the past, it could be a sign they are testing your reaction to this.

First to see if you still indeed care, and second to see if you care as much as they do about you.

How to Tell If Your Ex Is NOT Over You?

The more these signs are evident in your relationship, the more likely your ex is still not over you. However, simply going off these clues alone will not be good enough to know for sure if your ex has romantic feelings for you.

The best way to be sure in that case is simply to ask them yourself. It’s also a good idea to look at why it is you want to know how they feel in the first place.

If you find yourself showing similar signs as above, ask yourself if you still have feelings for your ex. If not, then is it possible they might not either?

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