6 Ways to Attract a Gemini Man

Gemini men are intelligent, flexible and versatile. If you want to attract one, you will need to use all these same traits. Try these top seven ways to attract him.

  • Gemini men love flirtatious women. They love to be the centre of attention and if you can flatter and compliment him, while fluttering your eyelashes, you’ll have him in the palm of your hand.
  • Wear something in the colour yellow to attract the Gemini. The colour yellow is absolutely irresistible to a Gemini man. Yellow is the colour of mental processes, intelligence and the intellect. Yellow appeals to Gemini’s because they act, react and interact by using their mind first. Wearing yellow clothing will catch the eye of any man born under the sign of Gemini and they will be drawn to explore your mind.
  • Gemini men do have twin personalities. What they love one day, they will hate the next day. They are contrary and can change their minds a million times over. To deal with this you will need to be flexible and willing to bite your tongue if you disagree with him.
  • Gemini men love fun, laughter and lots of topics of conversation to stimulate their mind. Gemini men fall in love first with their head rather than their heart so you will need to appeal to his mind with interesting conversations. They love to talk, particularly about their selves and their (changeable) opinions. You just need to listen and when the conversation dries up provide them with yet another topic of conversation.
  • As well as needing to mentally stimulate a Gemini man you will have to keep up with them physically. They have a lot of energy that needs to be spent by physical exercise. Suggest activity dates that involve cycling, running or hiking and you’ll have your Gemini man hooked.
  • Freedom and independence are the key elements to understanding a Gemini man. Allow him to have as much freedom as he needs because he will run a mile if you keep him tied down. Let him do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it and make sure he knows that you are there for him at all times.

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