6 Ways to Attract an Aries Man

Aries men are adventurous, spontaneous and fun loving and if you want to attract an Aries man you will need to apply these same traits to ensnare him. Try these seven ways to attract an Aries men.

How to attract an Aries man

  • Suggest, or better still, challenge them to do something fun, adventurous and daring with a competitive element and you are certain to gain their attention. Aries men love to compete but they also need to win so find a challenge that you know they will succeed in.
  • Wear something in the color red. Red is a passionate, energetic and an attracting color to Aries men. You will certainly grab their attention wearing something in this color. Make it a little bit showy, revealing and sexy and they won’t be able to resist. Nothing too over the top though – there’s a fine line between seductive and trashy.
  • Aries men will be stifled by a stuffy formal dinner at a high class restaurant so invite them instead to ethnic eateries to sample hot and spicy Thai, Indian or Chinese food. Ensure that he’s never eaten there before and they will be excited by the adventure.
  • Suggest dates that feature sports – either watching or competing. Aries men have an abundance of energy, are very physical and competitive so generally love a wide range of competitive sports. And even if you are not into sports yourself, allow them to show off a little by explaining the finer points of the game to you. They love to show off.
  • Aries men love confident, assertive and self assured women. Wallflowers need not apply to win the heart of an Aries man. You will need to ensure you do not come across as too pushy or forward, just strong and confident, as an Aries man wants to be the one in charge and take the lead.
  • Aries men are very open, upfront and honest so you’ll need to be the same with you. They are not into mind games and if they feel they are being deceived they will run a mile from you.

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