7 day Program to Positive thinking

We all have bright ideas we think are unique and massive hidden in the back of our minds and yes, not only you, many others too have ideas as such. What motivates you to make those ideas so creative and inspiring to their ultimate levels?

The best way to accomplish something is to set a goal which you can achieve, something every day like mowing the lawn before the big game on TV. If you have the correct attitude which is positively motivating you, things are always easy and enjoyable.

You can come up with ideas always no matter what you do. Even when you are busy with work or just sitting doing nothing on the couch, an idea can always work at the back of your mind. A bit of positive thinking added to the way you think will do the trick. You can always dream bigger and come up with mind-blowing ideas like we Americans always do. Here are some tips.

  1. Rather than talk, take passionate action to design your life towards a better living. Action is like deposits on a bank for a more authentic future but action always has to be passionate, unless it’s void. Your mind does the thinking but the actions are to be done by your hands. If you see an idea that seems pointless, you can always refresh it in your mind till it seems perfect.
  2. Commit to a life surrounding your loved ones with decisions made from your heart and soul and not just fear, instead of reacting. You can create a powerful life where you can love and be amazed at the transformation you witness.
  3. Each moment is perfect, understand and embrace the concept. Regardless of the expected outcome, take a shot at things you wish even though it seems kind of extreme. If the outcome is not what you expected, take that as a learning point and move on.
  4. Learn to be happy with what you have right now and try to make the most from it, in a constructive way. Be in a place of gratitude always and you wouldn’t be so needy and poverty conscious anymore.
  5. Use a passion formula of Recognize/Reevaluate/Restore in place of the Shoulda/Woulda/Coulda whirlwind. The first one is based on abundance and increased knowledge while the latter is on lacking and scarcity. When you face tasks that are extremely hard for you, be richly passionate and realize that this is important just as giving orders to your subordinates.
  6. Loosen up and laugh. Keep humour at the topmost shelf of life and laugh at and with you. Humour is very passionate, attractive and life-giving and you may find peace with yourself if you let humour take charge of you instead of anger.
  7. Believe that you are the creator of your future, the architect of your life and no one then could take your passion away from you. You can accomplish all the things you want to, if you just let yourself believe for once that you actually can, and till your last breath, there is no stopping you. Enjoy what you do and think positively of what you do and you can sit back and watch when things fall in to place perfectly in passionate precision.

The idea of living just for the sake of living, working for the sake of working with no positive thinking or light within your self is like a dim bulb in a dark corner of an abandoned alley. So instead of ending up there in the alley, pick yourself up and walk towards the better future with a positive attitude.

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