9 Major Reasons Why Relationships Die

Being in a relationship means you have to invest a lot of time, money, and energy into it. You sacrifice so many things to make it work. If things aren’t easy, both of you need to compromise to keep the relationship going. But what if everything fails? Do you blame yourself or the other? What exactly are the reasons why relationships die?

Reasons Why Relationships Die

When One Is Insensitive Towards The Other’s Needs And Feelings.

Yes, you’ve been with each other for a while, but you’re still no mind reader. No matter how well you know each other, you still have a lot of things to figure out along the way. Never assume that you know what’s going through your partner’s heart and mind. Be sensitive. Ask instead of concluding. Pacify instead of judging. Help instead of mocking.

When One Is Dishonest Or Keeping Secrets.

Dishonesty is fatal for a relationship. Once the secret’s out, there will be trust issues, which can further spell disaster. Be honest and open to each other. If you feel bored with the relationship, talk to your partner about it. Be honest about it instead of looking for the excitement somewhere else.

When One Compares His Or Her Partner To Past Relationships.

It’s unfair to be compared to anyone, especially an ex. If this is your way of telling your partner what you want her to be, stop it. You’re just breaking her spirit. She may be confident, but the moment you tell her how better your ex was, she gets shattered inside. She will try and find the appreciation she deserves someplace else.

When One Tries To Dull His Or Her Shine For The Other.

It’s okay to be selfless, but not to the point that you lose yourself. Never dull your shine for another, because when you do, you’d feel depressed, and it can get the best of you. Never become someone else’s shadow or doormat.

When The Relationship Becomes A One-Way Street.

Love should be a give-and-take relationship. It’s unfair to ask for so many things from someone when you couldn’t give that person the same. You’re not in a relationship to have someone take care of you. You’re in a relationship to be there and care for each other.

When There Is Distrust And Jealousy.

Trust issues and insecurities will get the best of you and your relationship. On the other hand, don’t give your partner any reason to doubt you. Sometimes, jealousy can stem from intuitions proven right all along. Be faithful.

When One Becomes Too Needy And Clingy.

You need to be whole before you can share yourself with another person. Never fill a void in your life by entering a relationship. Love yourself first and be confident in yourself before you go living a life with someone. Don’t let your life and happiness revolve around anyone.

When There’s Lack Of Time.

Why be with someone if you can’t be there for her in the first place? When there’s lack of time, all sorts of problems arise – feelings of abandonment, doubt, jealousy, mistrust, and more.

When There’s Too Much Pride.

Pride is a deadly sin, and it can also kill your relationship. Clashing egos won’t get you anywhere. You will always fight, which will tire you out, and eventually lead to your breakup.

It’s unfortunate and hard when relationships fail, but they’re there to give you lessons and help make you become a better person.

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