Aquarius Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

AQUARIUS [Jan. 21 -Feb. 19]

Daily Aquarius horoscope

Date: May 23, 2024

You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time, and are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon – your oldest, true-blue friends. Also, reaching out to an older relative or another mature, experienced person can mean a lot to you and be mutually beneficial now.

Weekly Aquarius horoscope

Date: May 23 week

Your communication skills this week are going to be excellent. Gains from communication are indicated in this week. A good news from some where is expected this week. Relations with siblings will be good this week. You need to take care of your mother\’s health this week. Atmosphere at work place will be normal and without much change. You should be patient with your subordinates and listen to what your boss has to say to you this week. Avoid any sort of speculations this week.

Monthly Aquarius horoscope

Date: May 2024

For Aquarius (Kumbha) Ascendant or Lagan this month is indicating you need to put in your best for getting the desired success in your profession. There could be some delay in your pursuits. You may not be able to take right decisions while execution of your plans. Secret enemies may raise their head. You need to be more patient in your personal relationships to get the desired happiness. Students should concentrate on you’re their studies and they will do fine. People expecting foreign travels should be happy as it is possible. Career, Incomes and Gains Transiting ascendant lord Saturn over the 7th house is aspecting to ascendant it shows steadily growth. The facts are that you are in a new situation as far as your economy is concerned, there are many weaknesses in the way you work and administrate your resources and you have to spend time and effort to improve the situation, especially as regards budgeting. Transiting 9th lord Venus over the 8th will also create obstacles and delay in general pursuits. Saturn shows you will not be able to take a right decision. Since of your self decisions, you will find yourself in complicated circumstances. You may not be able to maintain harmonious relations with your seniors and other official authorities. You may have argumentative situations at so many occasions. At the beginning of this month you become strongly aware of any intellectual weaknesses or communication difficulties that you have. You will not be able to avoid challenges in this area, so it is a question of buckling down and disciplining yourself to overcome lack of mental self-confidence. This can for example mean writing the book you have put off, getting the qualification you have so long avoided, or learning to express yourself more clearly. Financially, you will find yourself in poor condition. Even you may borrow or take loan. Try to curb your huge and unnecessary expenditures otherwise your monetary as well as social reputation would be spoiled. Love, Family and Social Life Since of, transit of some certain planets both of you may not like to follow each other’s advice. Those who are married may have avoidable or minor disputes with their life partners. Control your unlimited desires; it is not better to live in memories. Family atmosphere will be full of all tensions and distress. You may also have different kind of thinking than your friends. Probably, you’re suffering due to mental peace and hidden hindrances. Secret enemies may raise their head. Some old friends may come to life but keep them away. Domestic life will be full of disputes and difficulties. Education and Traveling Since of unfavorable transit of Mars over the 5th, 9th lord Venus over the 8th, there is a need to put your best for success in exams or other entrance test etc. Though, you will not able to concentrate properly. You must try to concentrate on your study. Try to donate sometime for Yoga, meditation and spiritual activities; it will surely help you to overcome education difficulties. Chances of foreign journeys are very high. Probably, these journeys would be money-making. Health During this month you may also suffered due to sick health and may spend on medicines. Take care of your health.

Yearly Aquarius horoscope

Date: 2024

The year 2024 is very much favourable towards you. But health can get affected or minor accidents or surgery can occur during the last months of 2024.Legacy interests get fortified. Even though displeasures from superiors can make you upset, careful professional planning can reap you profits .In the beginning months of 2024,troubles of nuisance can cripple advancement. There can be loss of valuable articles. Decline in prosperity can set in. There can be heavy expenditure on an auspicious function .During May 2024,delayed marital proposals will take off. Possibility of separation from the family cannot be ruled out. Financial problems can emerge causing a crush. But you can keep your word of honour with respect to finance. You should be more careful against loss while traveling. Those who are doing Real Estate Business should work hard and they should think twice while committing transactions. Anyway you have a chance to win lottery during August – September 2024.Frequent domestic quarrels may affect your happiness. You may loose a close friend to death.. However some relief from debts cannot be ruled out. It is better to avoid speculation and go slowly while making major decisions.. The year 2024 is a good period to undertake new projects and ventures. You are forced to donate money to charitable institutions and pilgrim centres. You will try to convince your stand and you will succeed finally. Being diplomatic and honest you stand to go up the career ladder during this year. Those who are of the age of marriage may hear the ringing of wedding bells for themselves during the month of January and February 2024.There is a possibility of child birth in your family during April 2024.There will be no serious problems with respect to health conditions .Highly adaptable by nature , you will stand to shine in your career. Your association with foreign people will do you good. You will gain through correspondence with high dignitaries. There is a possibility of getting transfer to a place of your choice. You will fall for the charms of the member of the opposite sex. There will be auspicious events in the family during September 2024.It will be wise to consult experts before embarking any real estate ventures. You will get high reputation among your friends. You will win elections and will be place in high status .There is a possibility of riots between political parties in which you will be the speculator. You must take ordinary diet for enjoying good health as there is a possibility of becoming the victim of diabetes during this year. It is advisable to wear catseye gem on a golden ring in the third finger of the right hand through out the year.

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