Aries Relationships and Love Life

This is often one of the most intriguing star signs. An Aries can be the worst friend but at the same time a good friend to have in times of need. Aries are probably the worst star sign to have as an enemy.

Once you have been accepted by a Aries they will defend you valiantly and in most cases they will win the fight. An Aries’s loyalty is unrivaled and fiercely aggressive against all comers.

However, it does not take years before a Aries learns to trust those around them. Taking the time to get to know a Aries can be time very well spent while it may only take a week before they consider you a close friend.

Aries can act cold and distant to even someone they fancy, however, such behaviour is rare and much more common amongst Capricorns. Aries can be very inpatient and will more often than not make the first move in a relationship, even if it is the wrong one.

Emotion plays an important part in the life of any Aries. If an Aries is upset then everyone will know that they are. Aries share their problems and expect others to share information with them. Subsequently, they can become a bit of a gossip at times.

Aries are sometimes over emotion and reaction to a situation in completely the wrong way. If you have an argument with an Aries they will make you feel guilty even though they may be in the wrong.

In love, Aries is arguably the one of the best signs to be loved by. Your needs will always be fulfilled and sometimes even needs you do not even have are fulfilled.

Aries are often full of surprises and will NEVER buy gifts from a list you may have written. However, in other areas of their love life the element of surprise can be non-existent. Aries are sensitive souls. The feelings of those around them can have a great impact on their own feelings. If you have upset an Aries they will confront the problem aggressively until a solution is found.

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