Astrology and Love Compatibility

Free astrology can help assess love compatibility – where two people are in sync and where you’re prone to clash. This is also called synastry: the comparison of two charts and how the planets in both charts interact with one another.

Free astrology can help you identify and determine the compatibility by gauging who has romantic potential and who doesn’t. It’s a cliché that opposites attract, but it’s also true. Astrology can describe the overall tone of a relationship, its creative and spiritual qualities. It also defines its sexuality and compatibility, its heart, its raw potential.

One’s Moon sign is determined by the position of the Moon at the time of one’s birth, and reserves an influential presence in the study of compatibility or Compatibility Astrology. So, it helps to come to know about the future of a person as well as his behaviour can be come to know.

Not all signs of the zodiac enjoy natural compatibility, and some have a very hard time relating to each other. Astrology believes that planets are characterized as dry or moist and hot, cold or warm.

It also believes that celestial bodies and planets have an effect on our relationships. Free astrology helps analyze your present relationships with someone to determine its compatibility levels, or your potential relationships to conclude its love compatibility.

In astrological charts, when determining compatibility, the position of Mars between two people describes how they relate as sexual partners. But sexual compatibility may or may not result in a successful love relationship.

Studying astrological charts of partners and potential partners is a successful proven way to determine whether a love relationship is compatible or not. That knowledge will well-equip us to determine how to precede the relationship forward. Broken relationships can be mended when the love compatibility between two people is studied in the light of free astrology and new relationships can be cultivated.

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