Bad Girl Quotes

  1. i am tough, ambitious, and i know exactly what i want. if that makes me a bitch, then okay.
  2. conquer your shyness, believe in your flynessss
  3. sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done
  4. do the damn thing; let the neighbors hear
  5. So then I said, “If you’re waiting for a perfect guy, you’ll be waiting a long time.”
  6. She’s got a smile on her face && a fuck you attitude because from this day on, she’s living life for herself.
  7. I’m the best you never had.
  8. The most amazing girls never have boyfriends because all the boys think they’re not good enough… and they’re right.
  9. I go down faster than power windows.
  10. I never let the actions of another make or break me, and I never let a single person shake me because I don’t give a fuck who hates me.
  11. I’m never the less; always the more.
  12. I would like to dump you like a bad habit.
  13. if you dont like me, theres nothing i can do NEWS FLASH BITCH i dont live to please you.
  14. Sellin my soul for material wishes, fast cars and bitches. Wishin I lived my life a legend immortalized in pictures
  15. I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise
of ordinary people living ordinary lives.
  16. Carry yourself like a queen and you’ll attract a king.
  17. Jealous haters make us smile, they spend their life cloning our style. Nothin’ better to do with their time, they’ll even try to copy our rhyme. Ain’t none like us, as you can see, we the best, so let it be.
  18. Too many people buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, trying to impress people they don’t even like.
  19. Im a straight-forward kinda girl. If you ask me what I’m thinking, I’ll tell you, no sugar coating cause that’s not what life’s about. It’s about dealing with the pain that comes along, so if you are going to tell me how you feel, don’t lie. If I ask something, I want to know the truth, not the lie.
  20. Well, how did you expect it to be? You signed up for a car crash when you signed up with me. And you can’t swim to safety on a sinking ship. So, go home, baby, if you’re ready to quit.
  21. I’d call you a scum bag, but what you are, a scum bag would be considered a compliment.
  22. As long as you know that men are like children you know everything. ~Coco Chanel
  23. Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. ~Mae West
  24. It’s the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have time. ~Tallulah Bankhead
  25. Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don’t have time. ~Tallulah Bankhead
  26. Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live. ~Dennis Miller
  27. Bad girls will take advantage of good dudes. Smear your name in the press and call it good news. Oh he hot now? oh he blowin up? Call the cops,restraining order for showin up. ~Ryan Leslie
  28. Good girls go to Heaven, bad girls make you feel like you’re in Heaven. ~Unknown
  29. Don’t worry about what you heard about me. I might have done little dirt and left a few of them hurt but whatever has occurred, they all got what they deserved.
  30. Shout out to the groupies, shout out to my ex. He’s probably saying fuck me so shout out to the sex!
  31. Dancing circles around you, I never gave a fuck about you or your friends anyway.
  32. Make it rain on them chicks, pour champagne on the bitch.
  33. I’m not conceited, I’m convinced.
  34. You’re are a victim of the rules you live by.
  35. You only live once, so do everything twice.
  36. Half of life is fucking up – the other half is dealing with it.
  37. When you’re drinking whiskey – you don’t know where you’re gonna wake up but you know you won’t have any pants on.
  38. Wide awake, my mistake; so predictable. You were fake, I was great. Nothing personal.
  39. Please understand. This isn’t goodbye. This is ‘I can’t stand you, stay the fuck away from me.’
  40. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  41. Things that are a waste of time: reheated macncheese, alcohol free drinks, and falling in love.
  42. just because you know my name, doesn’t mean you know me.
  43. Our names are what hoes keep mentioning, keep talking bitches; cause we love attention.
  44. “Drama is a situation girls create themselves, based on jealousy.”
  45. Dri0nk more liquor to fuck you up quicker.
  46. Somewhere between happy & a total fuckiing wreck.
  47. Girls have unique powers; they get wet without water, bleed without injury and make boneless things hard.
  48. Don’t think of it as losing, think of it as getting beat by a girl …
  49. I’m not ignoring you, you’re just insignificant!
  50. Simple fact: If you ever hurt me … you get it back 10 times worse.
  51. When you go to bed tonight, dream of me. And when you wake up, you’ll realize that you can’t have me!
  52. Never fight with an ugly person – they have nothing to loose!
  53. I’m sorry, I can’t be mean to you. It’s be kind to animals week.
  54. I’m not a bitch, I’m just honest.
  55. Laugh at your problems, everybody else does.
  56. Smile — it confuses people.
  57. What is your worst sin? My vanity. I spend hours before the mirror admiring my beauty. That isn’t vanity, dear, that’s imagination.
  58. You just lost the chance you never had!
  59. BITCH: Beautiful Individual That Causes Hard-ons.
  60. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m so close it scares me!
  61. A thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey.
  62. It’s not an attitude, it’s the way I am.
  63. Don’t talk about yourself so much … we’ll do that when you leave.
  64. I’m not the girl your mom warned you about; her imagination was never this good.
  65. If you need space then join NASA baby…..
  66. Heaven kicked me out and hell is afraid I’ll take over.
  67. Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill because they pissed me off…….
  68. Anger is only one letter short of danger.
  69. I’m not evil! I’m just misunderstood.
  70. The tongue weighs practically nothing….but few people can hold it.
  71. I’m an angel, the horns are just there to keep the halo straight.
  72. I told my mom I stopped raisin hell and she called me a quitter.
  73. If you’re naughty go to your room. If you wanna be naughty then go to mine.
  74. All good girls and boys go to heaven that’s why I wasn’t invited.
  75. Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins.
  76. Good girls are just bad girls who don’t get caught.
  77. Live fast. Die pretty.
  78. Maybe some women weren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they’re supposed to run wild until they find someone just as wild to run with.
  79. She did what she had to do in order to find happiness.
  80. I’m the kind of girl who will burst out laughing because of something that happened the day before.
  81. There are only 3 things in life a girl needs:
    1. love to make her weak.
    2. alcohol to make her strong.
    3. best friends when both make her hit the floor
  82. Often imitated – but never duplicated.
  83. She hates the game, but yet she’s still a player.
  84. Some girls are just born winners.

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