Best Love Quotes

  1. Love is a divine gift if the beloved also loves the lover.
  2.  Love is a passion full of sincere feelings and belongings.
  3.  Love is a name of feelings for someone who is preferred above all the things in this mortal world.
  4.  There is no measuring standard for love.
  5.  Blessed are those who find their love and live a life of trust between them.
  6.  Man is a social animal and love is its oxygen.
  7.  Love is an instinct and no one can avoid it.
  8.  Love is a feeling that never dies throughout one’s life.
  9.  Love teaches us to give regard to others’ feelings and culture.
  10.  Love is a madness that is a step ahead from wits.
  11.  Love is a massacre of oneself.
  12.  In the structure of love organization there is a centralized decision making that is in the hands of the Dear.
  13.  Without love a person’s life is always lacking.
  14.  Real Love is a way to find the Creator and to let you become known to the world with His blessings. But it is will of the heavens to select those blessed.
  15. Eyes are windows of heart; you can look into someone’s heart by looking into his eyes.
  16. Love is as soothing as sunshine of winter.
  17. Love is painful, given or returned.
  18. Love is not bound by age.
  19. Love the people who love you.
  20. Love is a disease cured by love.
  21. The happiness gained through love is like a palace built on sand.
  22. Love is an act of endless madness that tenders to become a habit.
  23. We can never be satisfied with the love of someone, but our one misunderstood feeling makes us impatient.
  24. The things very close to your eyes cannot be seen clearly until they go away just like that love being close is often ignored.
  25. Every day I fall in love and every day the person is you.
  26. No one can count the stars on sky; no one can calculate the love in my heart.
  27. Loving animals is better than loving human beings as in former case you are loved back.
  28. I used to think that love is a stupidity, but understood when I also became stupid.
  29. Love is a rule, which breaks all the rules of the world.
  30. When I fell in love with you, I started to pay attention to myself.
  31. I might think that nobody could love me as I really want to be loved but you proved me wrong.
  32. No wise person can fall in love, as love itself is foolishness.

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