Best Love Quotes

  1. Love makes death easier.
  2. Love is the other name of slavery.
  3. Love fights the whole world for just one smile.
  4. Love is sheer madness.
  5. You want revenge from a human; make him love the one who loves someone online else.
  6. Love never teaches to let her go and forget.
  7. The most interesting thing about love is that the lover cannot measure the intensity in it until the time comes.
  8. I love you and it is the only feeling I have no control on.
  9. Love is an incurable pain.
  10. Love is madness to love madly and be loved with craze.
  11. Love has a beginning in our lives but it has no end. I love you and I’ll always live through my love.
  12. True love is often recognized after the world of feelings has been totally destroyed.
  13. Love makes us immortal as whenever love is talked about in heavens or earth we have our contribution in it too.
  14. Love is like a scar on our lives. We never get rid of it.
  15. It is natural to care and advise the people whom you love.
  16. Jealousy leads us to destruction and loss of attention from our love.

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