Boyfriend Love Quotes

  1. A real man doesn’t love a million girls, he loves one girl in a million ways.
  2. Watching him with children, and thinking, one day he will make an amazing father.
  3. I’m here not because I’m supposed to be here or I’m trapped here, but because I’d rather be here with you than anywhere else in the world.
  4. I love when.. a guy comes to kiss me while I’m yelling at him.
  5. boys who; put their fingers through your belt loop and pull you closer.
  6. I love what you are, and what you do and how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength that carries you through. I’ve seen the best of you. I’ve seen the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. And I love you.
  7. I don’t want something perfect, I want something real. Something between the two of us, something we both feel.
  8. i want to be the smile, the first thought, the long drive, or the short walk, the last voice, the random call, the laugh, the perfect kiss, the comfort hug, your second half, the sparkle in your eye, everything you need, just what you want. i want to be yours.
  9. My best friend’s boyfriend cheated on her. She asked me what she should do. I SAID; “you’ve got a foot, he’s got balls. you know what to do”.
  10. Boys Who… sing weird just to make you laugh.
  11. Sometimes, second chances work out even better than the first simply because you’ve learned from your mistakes.
  12. that one; boy that you barely know but you already have a little crush on him
  13. when a girl says I’m happy for you, she doesn’t really mean it. what she’s trying to say is “what was wrong with me? why did you choose her? I’m not good enough, right?”
  14. *Boy sees girl crying* Boy: You’re the second most beautiful girl in the world. Girl: Who’s the first? Boy: You, when you’re smiling.
  15. a guy isn’t the only thing that will make me happy. if I never find love or romance, that is okay. it’s what I want, but it doesn’t define me. – Kim Kardashian
  16. When someone comes into your life God send them for a reason, either to learn from them or to be with them till the end.
  17. Don’t let a guy make you feel ugly, because no matter what you’re beautiful; with or without him.
  18. It’s not that I want to be the only girl in your life, I just want to be… the only one that matters.
  19. Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. – Well done loser – You looked at him.
  20. that person who gives the best hugs.
  21. someday your prince charming will come. mine just took a wrong turn, got lost, & is too stubborn to ask for directions.

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