Breakup Tips: 6 Ways to End a Relationship

Looking for breakup tips? Are you in an unhappy relationship and wish to end it, but you are not sure how? Then this guide is going to help you find simple tips to make it easier to break up and move on – both for you and also for your ex-partner.

Ending a relationship is never easy, even when you’ve truly had enough and you’re ready for freedom. But there are ways to make the deed go as smoothly as possible. If you only remember one thing, let it be this.

Break up with others as you would like to be broken up with. Other than that, here are 6 of our best break-up methods.

Breakup Tip #1: Be Honest

Whether he ends up believing you or not, being honest with whomever you’re breaking up with is the best way to go. Tell him why you need to move on and answer any questions he may throw at you as honestly as you can.

Think about the times you were dumped with no reason. How did you feel? It probably frustrated you wondering why, when things appeared to be going so well, he decided to end it. Be fair and be honest with him.

Breakup Tip #2: Pick the Right Time

Some poor choices include at a party or any other social gathering, in the car or doing a mundane yet domestic task together such as grocery shopping.

Chances are, he’ll be caught off guard no matter when you break the bad news, but if you do it in the frozen food section, he may have a much stronger reaction that if you do it at a café or in your neighborhood park.

There is never going to be a perfect time to break up with someone, but try to have as much control over the time as you can, rather than blurting it out over brunch with friends.

Breakup Tip #3: Do It in a Public Place

This minimizes the chances for chaos. If you’re in a restaurant and there are people around, he will be less likely to fly off the handle and cause a scene. If you’re alone and he freaks out, you might be more likely to cave and call the whole thing off.

Being in a public place may give you the confidence you need to follow through. Plus, when it’s over you can just walk away, rather than trying to get him to leave you place.

Breakup Tip #4: Do It in Person

Do not be that person who ends a relationship electronically. Breaking up with someone via text, email or even over the phone is totally disrespectful.

Even if you can’t wait to be rid of him, at least have the courage to look him in the eye as you dump him.

Breakup Tip #5: Make Sure You Absolutely Want to Do It

Not being totally sure of your feelings when you go to end a relationship can mess with your heart and his. If you’re not completely certain that it’s the right thing to do, you’ll confuse him and make him feel like he still has a chance, or worse, you’ll lose him when you still have feelings for him.

Be totally ready to cut the ties or risk more heartache than necessary.

Breakup Tip #6: Take the High Road

Chances are if he doesn’t see it coming, he won’t be happy with being dumped. He will curse at you, call you every name in the book, and make you feel like hauling off and punching him in the face.

Restrain yourself. You’re leaving anyway, so just take a deep breath, nod politely and then walk away. You won’t gain anything by goading him on or giving him the satisfaction of knowing he upset you.

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