Cancer Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

CANCER [June 22-July 22]

Daily Cancer horoscope

Date: July 18, 2024

Flexibility, thinking on your feet, and the ability to accommodate the unexpected will be called for now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in many directions at once, and tend to scatter your forces, jumping from one thing to the next. Positively, you may come up with some fresh, original plan or insight that may seem crazy at first, but which is likely to be quite useful.

Weekly Cancer horoscope

Date: July 18 week

Expect some tensions and weak health is the beginning of the week , but by the middle of the week things will be fine and you\’d get the right results. You\’d also wish to perform some religious activities and indulge in to some spiritual discourses this week. Your position at your work place will be normal and without any undue tensions or new developments. Avoid any sort of speculation this week as it won\’t give the desired results. Slight tensions in married/love life are indicated in the beginning of the week.

Monthly Cancer horoscope

Date: July 2024

For Cancer (Karaka) Ascendant or Lagna this month indicates problems and hindrances in Career/Business. People expecting promotions should not expect very good results. Bickering and tensions in married life are indicated so you need to be careful about your relationship with your spouse. Lack of mental peace and tensions are indicated for the students. You may experience sluggish health and you need to be careful about your health. Career, Incomes and Gains Dashmesh ( 10th Lord) Mars would be transiting over the 12th house. It’s not an auspicious indication for those people who are born under the Cancer ascendant. Troubles and hindrances would be clearly seen in career/business. Long awaited wishes would not be fulfilled. Chances of promotion or expending base are very low. Those who are in service might have unfavorable relations with their seniors, boss or other concerned authorities. Businessmen have to choose a right sphere for fruitful investments. In fact, long-term investments would be much beneficial than short-terms. It might be a beneficial month for importers-exporters. Those having connections with foreign countries would be benefited during this month. Quick money making plans should be scrutinized first. Government employees should not be indulging in controversies or scandals otherwise chances of suspensions are very high. 3rd as well 12th lord Mercury would be transiting over the 4th house; it shows change in job or residence. Purchasing of land, property or vehicle might be expensive. Develop your communications skills, it would be beneficial, if you’re in marketing as there is a recommendation to make a few changes in your way of dealing with others. Overall, this month might bring mentally, psychically and financial troubles. Therefore, do not make new and major investments. Especially, keep a watch on your heavy and useless expenditures. Love, Family and Social Life Saptmesh ( 7th Lord) Saturn is transiting over the 2nd house along with Ketu and debilitated Sun would be transiting over the 4th house till 16th of November. Therefore, due to transit of these planets, you might have to experience some certain dilemma in your married life. Probably, your relationship with your spouse/lover might be spoiled. You would not capable to get desired cooperation and moral support from your spouse/lover. It is the time to explore new ideas to keep cordial relations. Try to avoid as well remove mental stress and anxiety. Come out from depression and spare some time together. Tensions towards children are also indicated by Mars as it is having lordship of 5th and transiting over the 12th house. Those women are pregnant should be more careful about their diet as well regular check-up. During this critical month, you might get unexpected support from parents and siblings. Education and Traveling Panchmesh ( 5th Lord) Mars is transiting over the 12th while Chaturthesh ( 4th Lord) Venus is transiting over the 3rd in sign of debilitation. Both planets are transiting over the unfavorable houses. Therefore, there might be a lack of mental peace and concentration. You would not be able to put your best. You would find yourself in unproductive activities. Your inclination might be enhance towards luxuries, sports and cinema. It would be a cause of failure in educational matters. Those who are going to appear in interviews or other types of exam should be performing their best so that might be capable to reap expected results. Due to transit of some certain planets there are very high chances of short as well as long distance journeys. These journeys would be moderate. Health Since due to transit of certain planets, you will have stomach related diseases. Fever and Stomach related are also possible. Saturn is indicating about ear and throat related problems.

Yearly Cancer horoscope

Date: 2024

There will be misfortunes and troubles during 2024.Asfar as the health is concerned you will have great vitality and a splendid constitution although you will at times undermine it by over strain and over work. You will have periods of success and periods of failure. The unexpected will happen more often than the expected. You will be likely to make many changes in your career and plans and you will feel restless and unsettled unless you can strike someone decided thing in which you can put your heart and soul. You will suffer from acute indigestion and stomach troubles, largely brought on by indiscretions in diet. You will have very intense emotions and feelings. You will participate in many religious functions as well as spiritual functions spending your time energy and money. You will find it hard to settle down to any regular conventional life. Your obstinate perseverance and head strong qualities will always be a great asset in your favour. You will get much help from your superiors. During 2024 you will be extremely independent in thought and action. You will be quick in temper combative and you will rush into quarrels or arguments on the impulse of the moment. Your long awaited ambition can be fulfilled during June 2024. Great difficulty will be experienced for getting seats for higher studies for your children even though they scored very good high marks in their examinations. Your conjugal life will not be satisfactory as per your expectation. You will have a considerable amount of self reliance and be creative and original in all your plans during September 2024. You will be imaginative, romantic, artistic with a decided learning towards idealism, occultism and spiritualization. Such things will attract you and are likely to influence your life. You will have intense feelings and emotions a devotional nature irrespective your age and status. You will love to give enjoyment and pleasure to your friends and you will be successful in social life. Government will issue orders favouring you. You will be proud of your children as they will get prizes in cultural activities during October 2024. You will labour against many disadvantage during the year 2024. Anyway you will expect to gain a considerable amount of financial success. You will be naturally kind hearted and generous so that you will get cheated by your subordinates. You will have considerable talent for organization the desire for large ambitious schemes the ability to a mass wealth and power, but it all you will be inclined to weigh down by heavy expenditure. You will get promotion during July 2024. Fresh problems will arise each and everyday during October 2024. There may be misunderstandings between you and your in-laws. You may loose your memory and you will be in hot water while implementing the orders of your superiors. It is advisable to wear an Emerald (Gem) in your right hand on a golden ring.

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