Cancer Personality Traits and Love Characteristics for Man and Woman

So what are the Cancer personality traits and characteristics? How does an Cancer man or woman behave when in love? What are their likes and dislikes? Which signs are compatible with Cancer?

The good news is, you’re going to discover the answers to all the above questions in this free, helpful horoscope guide about this zodiac sign. So continue reading to find out more about this star sign…

Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics

Men and women born under this sign are are very attached to their home and family and are fiercely protective of them. They may not be friendly towards strangers, but when you are their loved one, they will do anything to help and protect you. So they are very loyal.

One obvious personality trait is that Cancer people are not usually emotionally open in a relationship, because their emotions are guarded in a shell. This is just to avoid getting hurt because they are extremely sensitive.

But once you win their trust, they will open up and you’ll see how emotional and caring they really are.

Cancer male and female can be passionate and sensitive. They are usually quick to blow up and quick to forgive.

Another characteristic is that they are very much relationship-oriented. They put their #1 priority and source of happiness on their love life and relationships. So they are extremely loyal and faithful.

Most Common Characteristics of Cancer Men and Women:

Here are some of the most common traits people born under this sign share, whether they are a male or female…

  • Very Emotional but May Hide It: Cancer men and women are very emotional and very sensitive, but usually hide their emotions behind a cold mask to protect themselves from getting hurt. But don’t be fooled by their mask.
  • Very Romantic: When they fall in love, they love deeply and strongly and are very romantic.
  • Very Generous and Giving: They are very generous and give a lot of love, gifts, and help to their loved ones.
  • Family-Oriented: Their #1 source of happiness and love comes from their family and loved ones. They are not afraid of commitment and actually long for it.
  • Avoid Risks: Cancer people usually don’t like taking risks. So they try to follow the familiar path and do the proven things. Sometimes trying new things is also considered a risk to them so they prefer the same old ways.

How to Make a Cancer Fall in Love?

So have you met an Cancer man or woman that you like and want to make them fall in love with you? How can you attract Cancer? Then first you want to understand how they think and feel, to find a way to capture their heart.

As you discovered above about their personality traits and love characteristics, Cancer men and women are family oriented. So they actually look forward to finding someone they love and having a deep, romantic relationship. This makes it all easier for you.

Simply shower your Cancer man or woman with lots of attention and love, and they will be instantly attracted to you.

Also be careful about their feelings, because Cancer male and female are very touchy and get hurt easily. So be careful of what you do or say.

Cancer Secret Love Traits – Did You Know?

Most Cancer people need a mate, a nest and children to make their lives complete. Cancers tend to be loyal, not only to lovers, family and friends, but also to their countries of origin.

Cancers are also usually very self-sacrificing. They often devote their entire lives to their mates and their children, sometimes at the expense of developing their own talents.

What Signs Are Compatible with Cancer?

So what are the best matching and most compatible signs with Cancer? Here they are…

Cancer and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Masterful, strong Scorpio should make a good mate for quiet spoken Cancer. The Scorpio’s force and his/her needs to dominate and protect is just what the Cancer is longing for.

Cancer’s possessiveness will actually make the jealous Scorpio feel secure. Cancer admires Scorpio’s strength while Scorpio finds a haven in Cancer’s emotional commitment.

The Cancer is more sensitive about sexual relations, while the Scorpio is more passionate. The Cancer’s desire to please helps avoid many problems in this area. The love will be growing, and this passionate connection can develop in a perfect marriage.

Cancer and Pisces Love Compatibility

This is an affectionate, sensitive couple who will bolster each other’s ego. Pisces provides romance in Cancer’s life, and Cancer is the all-protective lover Pisces needs.

They are a good pair in the field of sex. They are both sympathetic and try to support each other. Probably the Cancer will be the leader, because of the the Pisces’ inclination for some eccentricity in love affairs.

The quarrels are usually short and quickly come to an end in bed. They are perfectly fit for each other. They can spend their time during day and during night with the same result and the sentimental combination of these two signs make for an ideal marriage.

Cancer and Taurus Love Compatibility

Usually this makes a good combination. Both need security and a sense of permanence, and both are loving, affectionate, and passionate as well. The Cancer adds to this union more sensuality and imagination.

Both are passionate and do not need any extraneous help to be pleased with each other. The Taurus is capable to understand changes in the mood of the Cancer, and can help smooth the problems if any appears.

The Taurus is usually an attentive person. The Cancer is responsive. A successful marriage is possible if case these two are willing to give rather

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