Capricorn Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

CAPRICORN [Dec 23.- Jan. 20]

Daily Capricorn horoscope

Date: July 18, 2024

Flexibility, thinking on your feet, and the ability to accommodate the unexpected will be called for now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in many directions at once, and tend to scatter your forces, jumping from one thing to the next. Positively, you may come up with some fresh, original plan or insight that may seem crazy at first, but which is likely to be quite useful.

Weekly Capricorn horoscope

Date: July 18 week

This whole week indicates your involvement in family affairs. Relationships with your immediate family and your parents etc are going to be cordial and incident free. Most of your free time will be spent with your family this week. One of your sibling may get upset with you, but you\’d be able to make up with him/her and all will be fine. Your work conditions will be normal and without any undue tension this week. Your superiors would be happy with you overall.

Monthly Capricorn horoscope

Date: July 2024

For Capricorn (Makar) Ascendant or Lagan, this month is indicating boost in your Career and Financial aspects. You will have tremendous confidence to carry out your pursuits. There are indications of fall outs in your love/married life this month , so you need to be very careful in your relationships and take every step very carefully. This is going to be a positive transit for educational pursuits as well as competitions. Short distance journeys are possible. People suffering from chronic diseases need to be careful in this month. Career, Incomes and Gains Transiting ascendant lord Saturn over the 8th along with Ketu and Rahu over the 2nd house is not indicating encouraging fallouts. Yet, mutual house exchange in between Bhagyesh Mercury and Dashmesh Venus would be fully capable to boost your career as well financial position. During this month, you will get well support of your superiors and associates. However, minor disputes are possible. You will have a tremendous confidence to carry your pursuits. It, will be a good month for business, career and finance related matters. Your reputation and fame definitely increased. If, you are looking for someone, your search would be ended. If you are thinking about interviews, investment, and competitive exam and joining about new Job, you may get success according to your satisfaction. Economizing and saving. It is only at the end of this phase that you will begin to see the results of your long-term investments – especially as regards new skills and resources. It is basically a question of tightening your belt, and not expecting too much, too quickly. There is no doubt you will have a wonderful understanding with your superiors and associates. If, you are in business, definitely, you will get new deals and contracts. For all who are in business or service, money will come from all directions. Love, Family and Social Life 2nd house is suffered due to transit of Rahu and aspect of Saturn as well Ketu and 7th house is suffered due to transit of Mars and Saturn at 12th and 2nd respectively. Probably, your relationship in between you and your spouse may get spoiled. There might be a lack of cooperation and understandings. Official hurdles will create an impact over the personal life. Since of official tensions, you may find aggressiveness in your behavior that is why your domestic life may through a dull and unpleasant way. Almost certainly, both of you may not competent to understand inner feelings of each others feelings. Those are seeking a love partner; success may not come to their way. Transiting Jupiter is aspecting to 7th house. This is an only indication which might help to over come adverse circumstances. Hence, trying to keep maintain harmonious relationship with your spouse/lover. In fact, your sincere efforts would bring happiness and prosperous. Education and Traveling Panchmesh Venus is transiting over the 9th house while 9th lord Mercury would be transiting over the 10th from 4th of November. This is a positive transit for higher studies and success in interviews. Your inclination would be increased towards study. , you may get encouraging success in study. If, you’re preparing for competitive exam; success may meet you. Transiting planets are indicating, you will have a few chances of journeys. Probably, you will have only short distance journeys. Rarely any long distance journey will take place. Health You may have to face health related problems. Probably, you will suffer due to chronic diseases. Transit of ascendant lord Saturn over the 8th may be a cause of bad health. You may have to visit doctors frequently. Keep control on your diet. Take timely medicines.

Yearly Capricorn horoscope

Date: 2024

The year 2024 is the golden period in your life .But the months January and February can go tough and prove tiring. Limited happiness prevails. Friends ,family and spouse are exposed to hazards. A foreign trip if delayed or pending can take off. Simple ailments to heart and stomach can surface. Please avoid getting caught in quarrels. Children will excel in their studies. Real Estate business will be profitable. There will be an increase in income. You will become popular through mediums. You will purchase new house or plot. You will visit hospitals frequently during the months of July and August 2024. Victory of enemies can be predicted. You will participate in spiritual meetings during September and October 2024. You will visit places of pilgrim importance. You will spend more time for meditation or yoga etc. Government will take steps favouring you. You will win court cases. You will fall in love with your office staff or neighbour. Money will e spent for offerings. Voyage can be predicted during November 2024. During October 2024, you will be forced to deviate from your daily routines. You may get promotion within quarter of the year. Your dealings with neighbours and subordinates will be cordial and successful. There is a possibility of getting a new job. You will attend funeral of a close relative during May 2024. You will spend more money for luxury items.. Your relatives will give you good moral support than ever during this year. You will change your residence.. You will climb up the official ladder and transfer is in your door steps. It will be a shame if you do not use your current time and energy for achieving something valuable during this year. Friends will put an extra demand on you. Your responsibilities as well as burdens will be increased. You can be over suspicious You will draw some fresh inspiration from youngster’s opinions. This is a better period to deepen your involvement in a charitable enterprise. You will set out for a pilgrimage to a distant shrine. You will devote time to delve into the world of occult. There will be an increase in income but you have to control your purse strings. During months of December 2024 you will have the occasion to taste exotic dishes. Your meticulous nature will bring you fame , popularity and prosperity. Your children may go abroad for higher studies on scholarships during August 2024.Eventhough you will lend a helping hand to your relatives, they will behave like enemies in the later days of the year .A member of the opposite sex will influence you positively. It is the right time to wear topaz on a golden ring of your right hand.

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