Capricorn Personality Traits and Love Characteristics for Man and Woman

So what are the Capricorn personality traits and characteristics? How does an Capricorn man or woman behave when in love? What are their likes and dislikes? Which signs are compatible with Capricorn?

The good news is, you’re going to discover the answers to all the above questions in this free, helpful horoscope guide about this zodiac sign. So continue reading to find out more about this star sign…

Capricorn Personality Traits and Characteristics

Capricorns are self-disciplined, serious, determined, mature and able to persevere in the face of adversity. Capricorns tend to work hard and rise in their chosen fields to achieve positions of status. This is a common personality trait among them.

He is the one who’s sitting in a hidden corner at the party, silently admiring the scene before him. They are go-getters and can stride way ahead of people when the time comes.

Men and women born under the Capricorn respect traditions. Also they are very much attached to their family and can go to any lengths to protect them from the world.

Capricorns have an excellent sense of humor, which tends to be rather wry or dark. When Capricorns feel hurt, this humor can become sarcastic and cruel, but the rest of the time they are inclined to be diplomatic, preferring to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Capricorns can be over-conventional, afraid to break with tradition or try new things because they are more comfortable with what has been proven reliable over time.

Most Common Characteristics of Capricorn Men and Women:

Here are some of the most common traits people born under this sign share, whether they are a male or female…

  • Very Trustworthy: You can depend on a Capricorn any day for help or advice. They are extremely reliable and honest.
  • Very Faithful and Dedicated: They are very dedicated and loyal to their loved ones and do anything to protect and help them.
  • Possessive and Sometimes Jealous: Capricorn men and women are very possessive of their loved ones and are prone to jealousy.
  • Hidden Emotions: Capricorn male and female don’t show their emotions usually, no matter how strong they may be.

How to Make a Capricorn Fall in Love?

So have you met an Capricorn man or woman that you like and want to make them fall in love with you? How can you attract Capricorn? Then first you want to understand how they think and feel, to find a way to capture their heart.

As you discovered above about their personality traits and love characteristics, Capricorn men and women are serious, committed, and responsible.

Since they are more practical and not impulsive like some other signs, they need more time to fall in love. So give them more time and don’t expect too much too early from them.

Capricorn Secret Love Traits – Did You Know?

They are slow to trust, and they don’t let their emotions show easily. Most have a deep fear of public humiliation and a strong streak of self-consciousness.

So when it comes to falling in love, Capricorn men and women take some time to trust their partner to really open up and share their emotions.

 What Signs Are Compatible with Capricorn?

So what are the best matching and most compatible signs with Capricorn? Here they are…

Capricorn and Taurus Love Compatibility

Both partners having mutual understanding of each other’s personalities. Both the Capricorn and the Taurus like money, and sure that the safety is really important. While the Taurus is a patient person the Capricorn is ready to work for both of them.

Taurus can get through to aloof, cautious Capricorn and give the encouragement and responsiveness needed. Both have earthy, passionate natures, and sensual Taurus can tap the deep well of romanticism that lies under Capricorn’s reserve.

There are perfect prospects for that couple and it can turn out to be a very compatible marriage.

Capricorn and Scorpio Love Compatibility

This union means successful sexual mutual relationships. Scorpio is the more imaginative lover, but Capricorn’s stamina is a delightful match. Scorpio’s possessiveness spells security to Capricorn.

These two work well as a team – Capricorn is highly organized and Scorpio has native shrewdness. The Scorpio is more inventive, while the Capricorn is more patient. Their success in bedroom opens some interesting opportunities.

Scorpio is inclined to dominate. The Capricorn must understand, that it happens because of the Scorpio’s great love. The connection is usually passionate and marriages are successful.

Capricorn and Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo’s neat orderly mind meshes well with Capricorn’s self-discipline and capacity for hard work. Both take pride in their home, enjoy having a few close friends rather than many acquaintances, and admire each other’s intellectual abilities.

The Capricorn’s practicality suits the Virgo’s accuracy perfectly. There are possible misunderstandings in the field of sex, but they know and feel each other so well, that these misunderstandings don’t disturb them.

They are both – clever, conservative and patient. This relationship could suffer from lack of romance, as both tend to be a bit reserved in this area. Generally there is a good basis for a long term love and relationship.

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