Complicated Relationship Quotes

  1. The mere fact that she says her relationship is “complicated” means that she already has something difficult to deal with. ~ Unknown
  2. i always pushed him away. maybe cause deep
    down i knew he was the only one for me and
    i was too scared to admit it.
  3. i shouldn’t need you to complete me,
    i shouldn’t feel like this when you leave.
    i shouldn’t have to cry because i can’t have you.
    none of this should have happened, but it did and i can’t take it back <|3
  4. no one knows how far a girl will
    go for something she really wants.
  5. if a simple song makes you want to break
    down and cry, you know that you’re losing it.
  6. i’d rather die tomorrow,
    than live a hundred years
    not knowing you.
  7. everyone has a weakness
    mines just happened to be you <3
  8. missing someone isn’t about how long it has
    been since you have seen them or the amount
    of time since you’ve talked .. it’s the very
    moment when you’re doing something .. and
    you wish that they were right there with you
  9. yes, she has trust issues
    but if you were her, you would too <3
  10. there are things out there,
    things we just don’t understand.
    – happy feet
  11. losing something i’ll never be able to get
    back, you don’t realize your mistakes till
    after you make them.
  12. until you’re positive , he’s negative .. dont make
    love . with or without a glove , you know
    what im speakin of .
  13. & it’s ridiculous how many times your name
    happens to just slip out of my mouth
    during the day.
  14. I wish i could sleep forever.
    cause in my dreams,
    he loves me back.
  15. The longest period of time,
    is waiting for something or someone
    you truly want.
  16. from knowing she’s mad at him, the one who can’t fall asleep without her voice being the last one he hears the one he cant live without.
  17. but maybe i’ve got nothing to lose
    just tell me you are mine, and how
    i’m better with you.
    & I never thought you’d walk away
    But you did.
  18. highschool is when you start to realize who really matters,
    who never did and who always will.
  19. Yeah, it felt so good to pretend not to care,
    to have the upper hand and not fall for your
    shit. But now I just feel stupid cause the truth
    is ; I don`t know how to act around you
    now that you don`t care
    & I can`t stop missing you.
  20. i need a guy who looks at my face, not my
    body. i need a guy who accepts the fact that my
    legs are always scratched up because i play
    too rough. i need a guy that puts up with my
    “weeks” & doesn’t start a fight about them.
    i need a guy who will shoot baskets with me &
    won’t cut me any slack. i need a guy who
    takes me to McDonald’s because he doesn’t
    have enough money. i need a guy who is my
    best friend, someone i can tell anything.
    i need a guy who will treat me right.
  21. One day, you will wake up.
    You will be able to get dressed,
    eat breakfast, brush your teeth, take
    a shower, go to school, eat lunch, go
    to class, and come home. And you’ll
    be able to do all of that
    without thinking about him
  22. She’s finally accepted the changes.
    & realizing nothing can be the same anymore.
    But she’s keeping her strength up,
    & she’s willing to try her best to never look back
  23. I’m looking for something that will
    mean more to me than you ever did.
  24. But in true life, sex changes everything.
  25. And we drank coke, or was it pepsi?
    And you brushed the hair out of my eyes.
    You whispered:
    “best friends, like us, we’ve got it good.”
    And I wanted more, so much more.
  26. Trust me, I know how it feels.
    I know exactly how it feels to cry
    in the shower so no one can hear you.
    I know what it’s like to wait for everyone
    to be asleep so you can fall apart,
    for everything to hurt so bad you
    just want it all to end.
    I know exactly how it feels.
  27. he looks at me and smiles
    and it pathetically makes my day.
  28. it’s not about who you’ve known the longest,
    it’s about who never left your side.
  29. Two hardest things in life: Letting go when all you really want is to stay and making someone stay when you know they really want to leave. ~ Unknown
  30. i used to know you so well quotes
  31. Sometimes people decide to be just friends even their feeling is mutual. Not because love is hard but commitment complicates everything. ~ Unknown
  32. The same person who said the sweetest things to me, also said some of the meanest things I’ve ever heard in my life. ~ Unknown
  33. Never tell your friends all of your relationship problems, a relationship should only be between two people. ~ Unknown person who truly loves you will never let you go
  34. If you’re having relationship problems, confess to God not Facebook. ~ Unknown
  35. A relationship is only complicated when one person is running it… ~ Unknown
  36. If your relationship is so complicated that you have to specify it as such on Facebook, you should get off Facebook and fix it. ~ Unknown
  37. My relationship with my boyfriend is complicated and sometimes I dont even understand it. One thing I do know is that I love him, very much. ~ Unknown
  38. im the best girlfriend you’ve ever had!
  39. Being faithful is da easy part, staying interested is the issue. ~ Unknown
  40. One should always be wary of anyone who promises that their love will last longer than a weekend. ~ Unknown
  41. i used to know you so well quotes
  42. Being a girl is hard sometimes; being a girl in a relationship is even harder at times. Dont get me wrong, being in a relationship is great, if its a healthy and growing one. ~ Unknown
  43. Face it girls are complicated. Relationships are like giving a caveman a laptop computer, ridiculous. ~ Unknown
  44. without you there is no me
  45. Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave them broken. ~ Unknown
  46. It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, bit it is the little differences that make them interesting. ~ Ruthman
  47. The mere fact that she says her relationship is “complicated” means that she already has something difficult to deal with.

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