Cute Love Quotes and Sayings

Cute Love Quotes and Sayings

  1. Love is a soul without body as it deals with inner feelings.
  2. The best reward one can give other is to give the other one’s sincere love.
  3. Love cannot die as it remains with the soul forever.
  4. Your behavior with others tells the way you care for your own ones.
  5. One dip into love is all that is needed to change one’s life.
  6. True love is not what when you kiss or hug to fulfill your sex need, but it is to feel one’s presence in heart all the time.
  7. He who finds his love with a little or no effort, never indulged into all the fun he could have enjoyed snatching his love from the outside world.
  8. There is no destination of love. If you find the destination, however, the love ends at that point.
  9. They deny all the fantasies of love that either have no touch with love at all or have been in the depths of love with someone in the past.

Great Cute Love Quotes

  1. Love teaches us to respect others.
  2. Love is too hard and too easy.
  3. The strongest passion is to love and hate.
  4. Love makes man kind and humble for the creatures of God.
  5. Relation between beauty and love is very close, that person is most beautiful with which you fall in love.
  6. Heart of woman is like a mirror glass, once broken you can never see your face in.
  7. Feel love and become the member of paradise
  8. Love teaches us how to worship.
  9. Love is your strength and weakness at the same time too.
  10. No beauty can touch the beauty of love.

Lovely Cute Love Quotes

  1. True love between two persons is like shine of sun, shadow of tree and soul into body.
  2. Your love teaches you all manners of life.
  3. I just want a chain of your love till end of my life, never free me from it.
  4. As usage of brain increases knowledge, love acts to broaden your world of thoughts.
  5. To be truly loved by someone is more than the treasures of whole world.
  6. Love is not concern with age, with beauty and bald head.
  7. Your life becomes more precious and loving when love waters it.
  8. Mother is the best example of true love.
  9. The relation of love with someone is like relation of oxygen with lungs.
  10. Women love is as pure as shining dew drops in the morning time.
  11. The beauty of love makes your life more attractive.
  12. Love is always true and a love which is not true is not love, it should be denoted with some other term.
  13. Love itself is difficult to find then how can you find your true love.
  14. You need not to search for love; it will come in your life with so calmness that you will remain unaware of it.

Good Cute Love Quotes

  1. An embrace without a French kiss is like a wine without narcotics.
  2. A red rose gives expression to your love feelings.
  3. Love makes everything beautiful and imaginative.
  4. Love is a wire, which connects the heart to brain.
  5. Two people in love cannot have secrets to hide from each other.
  6. Pain binds two hearts in an unknown relationship.
  7. A good relationship is maintained when similarities are bound together, and differences are ignored.
  8. Love is not a reality except my love.
  9. I love those tears when I cried for you, I love that time which I spent in pleasing you, I love those days when you were before my eyes, I let you go because I did not have words to say you.
  10. God loves all of us equally as in reality all the love in this world is HIS very minor part.
  11. Nothing is impossible in this world and love makes everything possible.

True Cute Love Quotes

  1. Your first love is always alive and lives all time in heart, how much you try to forget, it never goes away from your heart.
  2. Whenever you fall in love, your life totally changes from your past, you often remain mum in thoughts of your beloved.
  3. Love is always real, there is no name of false love whether this love is for God, family or for beloved.
  4. Your birth brings a lot of love for you and you go from this world leaving a lot of people weeping alone, this is short story of love and life.
  5. The moments of my life I spent with you are the loveliest one for me, I think I lived only those moments in this world, rest of all time was just waste.
  6. God created love to make living things willing to live in this world.
  7. Touching and kissing in love makes strong your souls as it is the most wished act by lovers and beloveds.
  8. All kind of love is true; I wonder why people are being strayed with an ignorance of finding true love.
  9. If you have fallen in love with someone so deeply and you have lost it, just think and try to be glad that once it was yours.
  10. I don’t know what love is but I want to wipe all of your tears, want to join you in all happiness, want to share all of my happiness with you, and want to live every moment of my life with you till my death.

Best Cute Love Quotes

  1. Love desires just to fulfil itself, sings its melody at night and flatters at dawn for another day of loving.
  2. Your voice is so sweet to me that it awakens the depths of my heart.
  3. Every time I think about you it provides me a world of happiness and lovely dreams.
  4. Love is painful and this pain is the best pleasure of love.
  5. One look into his eyes makes me feel like flying and all my problems vanish.
  6. Whenever I see you, for me everything pauses to let me enjoy your sweet look.
  7. In my heart there is love and love and more love for you.
  8. Love gives you inspiration and hope that one day your dear ones will be with you.
  9. They say that whatever one thinks at day, dreams it at night. It means that I think of you whole of the day.
  10. Love is something that can’t be described. It can only be felt because it is the feelings not the words that matter in love.
  11. Blessed is she who is the last love of a man.
  12. Love makes all things easy in which you have faith.
  13. A heart grows up with age but does not happen to be old if it loves someone.
  14. Love grows in company with love.
  15. Love is no one’s property.
  16. Lucky is the man who has a woman to love and a best friend, and both are the same woman.
  17. No fault and flaw is present in beloved.

Cute Love Quotes

  1. The best thing about me is always praying and loving you.
  2. Love begins, grows up and then ends in with the dry and wet tears.
  3. In love two souls synchronize their thoughts with each other and two hearts beat together.
  4. Love never dies it keeps following you wherever you are, whereever you go or whoever you go along.
  5. All the bravest men in the world had a fear to love a woman.
  6. Love makes a heart young forever, if it is from both sides.
  7. Love teaches us to be patient and kind toward life.
  8. Where there is love, there is no reasoning; and where there is reasoning, there is no love. Love and reason can’t exist together.
  9. Friendship precedes love but love never precedes friendship.
  10. We come across the depths of love when we indulge in the pains of separation.
  11. Love is incomplete where there is no feedback from the other side, but it catches more intensity.
  12. Love and breathing are two things that make one alive in real sense. Breathing only can’t make us live lively.
  13. If you want to test your potential in life, try to love.

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