Dating Tips for Single Moms – How to Make It Pleasant for Your Children

As a single mom, you know you’d like to go out there, meet new guys and go on dates. On the other hand, really love your kids and want to take care of them. So it’s very important to you that your dates don’t have a bad effect on your children’s lives. So what should you do?

Here are 3 tips to help you make your children don’t feel any bad feelings about your going on dates, and also like your man after things got serious…

Tip #1: Don’t Get Involved Your Kids Too Soon

You don’t want to introduce to your kids every guy that takes you out to dinner. It’s not good for them. Instead, be patient and wait until you feel your relationship with him is becoming serious. Now I don’t mean until you are engaged and are going to get married next week, buy until you and him are talking about a “future” together.

Then you can start introducing him as a “friend”. You can invite him over for a short time to be with your kids so they feel close to him and will like him. If your kids first see him as a friend of yours, they will open up and get to like him much more easily.

TIP #2: Help Your Children Build a Good Relationship With the Guy

Some children don’t like the idea of their mom going out with someone and entering an intimate relationship with him. It’s because they feel jealous and feel like if you do this, they will have to share your love and attention.

So if you see you are getting serious with a guy and you would like to introduce him to your children, it’s important to prepare your children first.

If they are small, you can tell them a fake story. something like your friend’s sister, Annie, had the same situation as you and she met a guy. now her children are very happy and feel like they have a fringed they can play with and whom will take them out to parks and etc.

If your children are older, it’s less likely that they will have a big problem with accepting him in your life. What’s more, your man should be willing to build a friendship with your children too, and if he tries, he will most probably succeed.

Tip #3: Tell Them You Still Love Them

It’s natural for your younger kids to feel a little jealous at first, because after all they see now they have to share you with someone else, while you THEY used to be your only target of attention before.

Now they think they have to share you. So it’s important that you assure them that mow much you still love them. Tell them they are you beloved children and no one can ever take their place in your heart.

Wish you all the best on your dates!

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