Envy Quotes

  1. A person is born with feelings of envy and hate. If he gives way to them, they will lead him to violence and crime, and any sense of loyalty and good faith will be abandoned.
  2. A renewed commitment to the freedom and opportunity of our people is the touchstone of our time. In this new century, where tests are many and challenges change with the shifting of the wind, we must hold fast to the principles that have made our nation the envy of the world.
  3. A woman has two smiles that an angel might envy, the smile that accepts a lover before words are uttered, and the smile that lights on the first born babe, and assures it of a mother’s love.
  4. Above all, you must fight conceit, envy, and every kind of ill-feeling in your heart.
  5. Birds have wings; they’re free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.
  6. By common consent gray hairs are a crown of glory; the only object of respect that can never excite envy.
  7. Communism possesses a language which every people can understand – its elements are hunger, envy, and death.
  8. Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.
  9. Envy aims very high.
  10. Envy among other ingredients has a mixture of the love of justice in it. We are more angry at undeserved than at deserved good-fortune.
  11. Envy comes from people’s ignorance of, or lack of belief in, their own gifts.
  12. Envy is an insult to oneself.
  13. Envy is human nature.
  14. Envy is like a fly that passes all the body’s sounder parts, and dwells upon the sores.
  15. Envy is never general, but always very particular – at least envy of the kind one feels strongly.
  16. Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.
  17. Envy like fire always makes for the highest points.
  18. Envy, like the worm, never runs but to the fairest fruit; like a cunning bloodhound, it singles out the fattest deer in the flock.
  19. Envy, my son, wears herself away, and droops like a lamb under the influence of the evil eye.
  20. Envy’s a coal comes hissing hot from Hell.

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