Falling In Love Quotes

When you like someone it means you have fallen in love with that special person. These falling in love quotes can depict reason and feelings to fall in love.

Cute falling in Love Quotes

  1. Falling in love, at first sight, is difficult to prove whether it is love or just a mix-up…..
  2. Here you fall in love, there you find the dreamy world in your mind and heart.
  3. Love needs no reason to fall in it, it just happens!!!
  4. Falling in love is easy but very hard to maintain it.
  5. When you fall in love, your true feelings start to come out which you never knew before.
  6. You are in every bright and faded imagination in my mind since I fell in love with you.
  7. Your eyes made me fall in love with you, and that was when I met my destiny.
  8. Love brings happiness as well as hardships in lives, but the intensity depends on how strongly you fell in love.
  9. One cannot not-fall in love, and humans are prone to fall in love!
  10. Human memory weakens with the passage of time, but the memory when one fell in love for the first time strengthens.

True Falling in Love Quotes

  1. Eyes like many things but you fall in love with that person whom your heart catches.
  2. When you fall in love, you create a passion in your heart to win whole world.
  3. The time I fell in love with you, I have never seen a moment of comfort.
  4. When your heart is attracted towards someone it means you have fallen in love with that special person.
  5. When you fall in love, you didn’t know why your heart chose that special person to giving heart.
  6. The first step of falling in love is to start thinking about her or him day and night, and your sleep vanishes.
  7. You cannot stop anyone to fall in love with you neither you, to fall in love with anyone.
  8. The days, right after falling in love are the most special days for a lover in his memories.
  9. Once you have fallen in love you can never get rid of it.
  10. Always falling in love with same person is a sign of pure and true love.

Falling In Love Quotes

  1. Falling in love is like adding a fresh beauty and everlasting fragrance to your life.
  2. Life is more difficult when one falls in love and other even does not have idea of it.
  3. Falling in love may take a second but falling out of this may take a life.
  4. The ending of wisdom is to fall in love.
  5. Falling in love with the person who does not love you is like jumping into the sea while you do not know how to swim?
  6. Every body falls in love in some part of their life, but I am who, once fall never taken out.
  7. Falling in love is just like that to throw a coin a river, and falling out of love is like taking out that coin out of the river.
  8. Every day I fall in love and every day the person is you.
  9. When I fell in love with you, I started to pay attention to myself.
  10. No wise person can fall in love, as love itself is foolishness.
  11. When you fall in love, you hand over yourself to that special one and make your life bitter unless you find the love of that person.
  12. There is no rule of falling in love, it just happens.
  13. A person has more powerful and romantic imagination when he falls in love.

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