Family Love Quotes

Family love quotes express your holy and sincere love for your family members. You can find here some best family love quotes for your beloved family.

Best Family Love Quotes

  1. One has no importance; one and one live together and appear as a family.
  2. All creatures: birds, animals and insects have families and love each other as humans.
  3. Family members have almost same habits as they are brought up by a love of one mother and delivers same love to entire family.
  4. Home, family and family love have not alternative in the world.
  5. People who are living at one place quarrel due to small things; it is family love which unites family member without any struggle.
  6. Family members are like students and mother has responsibilities of teacher.
  7. Family is based on mutual love of father, mother, brothers and sisters.
  8. A wise and lucky person is one who can keep balance between family love and love for his wife.
  9. When any trouble comes in home, all family members takes it as its own and this is called family love.
  10. A father which can leave his wife for lust of body of other ladies is deprived from love of all other members of his family.

Cute Family Love Quotes

  1. The love of family is worth than the whole wealth in the world.
  2. Happiness of God is in the happiness of father.
  3. A good woman should know how to bring up the children, as a good mother always proves a good wife.
  4. Lap of mother is the first school of a child.
  5. Blood relations are the most durable and everlastings connections.
  6. Love for father, mother, sisters and brothers are from divine and always have sympathy for them.
  7. How much other love and care for you but their love cannot be as pure as that of your family.
  8. Among family members, younger are loved and cared most.
  9. Friends and sincere people cannot be found but your family and family love has been bestowed you as a gift from divine so that you don’t wander here and there to find love and friends in the world.
  10. For mother all children are at equal place as before God His entire creature has equal rights and status.

Family Love Quotes

  1. Your family knows you the most, and still love you that love is the real wealth and cannot be snatched.
  2. The best thing, you can do for your family is to choose the same thing for them as for yourself.
  3. A man is good, when his family say this about him.
  4. The blood relations can never be forgotten.
  5. A man is successful when his success brings more humility in him and he become more loving to his family.
  6. Family is like a tree and all the members are like its branches, if one branch is cut, whole the tree feels that pain.
  7. Only God knows the realities better, things chosen by HIM for us are always better, and family relations are chosen by God for us.
  8. When I am unsuccessful my mother wipes out my tears, when I feel helpless, my father says, do not worry, I am always here for you, when my confidence is shaken, my sister consoles me, when I am restricted my brother supports me………… a man need what more than that???
  9. Home is the first learning place of a man. In our home, we learn how to express our desires and what should we do to fulfill them, sometimes we have to sacrifice our wishes, we learn how to love, how to live, how to speak, how to compromise, how to abide by the rules.
  10. Only your family in the world can give you the real and pure love.
  11. When someone is far from his home and family, he realizes that there is no blessing greater than the love of family.
  12. Family is the name of a world full of love.
  13. Love of family is divine gifted; it can never be diminished.
  14. Love of family is like rain, which does not differentiate between any of the family member.
  15. Family love is always with you, because it runs in your blood.

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