Five Romantic Surprise Ideas?

Your lover wants you to give them romantic surprise ideas. They want to feel the flames of passion and they truly want you to melt their heart and be swept them off their feet again.

With the hectic lifestyles we live, sometimes we forget why we fell in love, remind them today how much you really care. By the time you are finished reading this article you will have the ability to inject the heat back into your relationship.

Try out these five romantic surprise ideas on your lover and see rekindle the waning flames of passion.

  1. Poetry – A well written poem can move people to emotions they never knew existed. The written word is the most powerful method of communication that exists. Write your lover a poem from your heart and capture their imagination. Not sure if you can write one? Find one from a famous author and read it aloud in front of the fireplace or before a romantic candle light dinner.
  2. Partner working late – Get a lunchbox or a something like one and fill it with their favorite treats. Spice it up with a sports magazine or a teddy bear, depending on who you want to surprise and deliver it to them at work. Blow them away by writing a heart felt note and tell them something awaits them at home.
  3. Music – Remember the scene in Say Anything when Lloyd Dobler blared “In Your Eyes” outside the house of his girlfriend. It’s a image that is etched in my mind forever. Make a tape of his/her favorite songs, tell them they remind you of them.
  4. Personal photo – Arranged a photo shoot for just the two of you. Capture your love with an image and go out and shop for the perfect frames together. At the end of the day, top it off with a candle light dinner.
  5. Children – For those with children, find a sitter or use a in-law and get out in the country for a weekend. Find a nice bed and breakfast and escape for a few days. Allow yourselves to spend time with each other and become reacquainted again.

Just imagine how much stronger your relationship will become using these great tips. Relationships sometimes have to be recreated. We all understand the pressures couples face in these times. It’s why importance must be place on each other and what each person means to one another.

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