Free Chinese Horoscopes Love Match

Chinese horoscopes love match is becoming more popular as an additional way to testing the love compatibility between two people, especially if you are curious to know if you’ll be compatible in love.

Chinese horoscopes and astrology have been around since the ancient times. But today more and more people from all nations and countries are starting to see the real power of it.

What Is Chinese Astrology?

It is simply the concept of the twelve animal signs works hand in hand with the five elements and forms a cycle of sixty years.

The animals represent the years that people are born. Chinese astrology believes that the characteristics of these animals are given to the people who are born in the years that they represent. And based on that, some people make a great love match and some don’t.

Chinese Astrology Calendar Animal Signs – What Do They Reveal?

So what does Chinese horoscopes love match reveal about you and the person you want to love? Find out the hidden secrets by checking their animal sign in the free Chinese horoscopes…

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #1: Rat

The first animal in Chinese astrology is the rat. People who are born under the Rat sign are usually inventive, charming and intelligent but they can be very extravagant. People who are born under this sign are compatible with people born under the signs of Dragon, Monkey and Ox.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #2: Ox

The Ox is the second animal in Chinese astrology. Like people born under the Rat sign, those who are born in the Ox are intelligent and patient. They are also born leaders, but they may be stubborn at times.

They will get along well with those born in the year of the Snake, Rat and Rooster.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #3: Tiger

The persons born in the year of the Tiger are known to possess bravery and sensitivity. However, they can have a short temper and they also have a tendency to be very suspicious.

They can easily get along with people born under the sign of Pig and Sheep.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #4: Dragon

People born under the Chinese astrology sign of the Dragon show utmost perseverance and passion, but like the tiger, they are known to be quick-tempered and stubborn. They get along with those who are born under the sign of the Monkey.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #5: Snake

People born under the sign of the Snake are also very passionate and intense in everything that they do. However, they can be very selfish and vain. Individuals who are born under the Ox and Rooster sign will get along with these people.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #6: Horse

People who have the Horse as their sign are very intuitive and cheerful, but they can be attention-grabbers. They can get along well with the Dog and Tiger signs.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #7: Sheep

The person born under the Sheep sign have a more subdued characteristic. They are introverts but very creative. They work well with people who have the Rabbit and the Pig sign.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #8: Monkey

Individuals born under the year of the Monkey are very smart and creative. People who are born under the Rat sign will enjoy their companionship.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #9: Rooster

Those who are born under the year of the Rooster have self-confidence, but they can be very disappointed whenever they are not successful. They get along with people born with the Snake and Ox sign.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #10: Dog

Those who are born under the Dog sign are deep thinkers and get along with those who have the Horse and Tiger sign.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #11: Rabbit

People born under this sign are ambitious and playful. They usually have lots of energy and are cheerful. They bring happiness and joy to every group they mix in. Rabbits are most compatible with elegant sheep, loyal pigs and faithful dogs.

Chinese Horoscopes Love Match #12: Pig

And lastly, people who are born under the sign of the Pig are very amiable and gallant. They work well with those who are born under the Rabbit and Sheep signs.

Free Chinese Astrology Symbols and Elements

Chinese astrology elements are five basic symbols. Chinese astrologers believe that humans belonging to any of the animal signs fall under one of these five elements, and it has an effect on their personality traits.

These five elements are: Earth, water, fire, wood, and metal.

Here is a chart that shows you the elements and the animal signs that belong to that category. So you can easily find out which one yours is.

Earth Dragon, Rat and Ox
Water Ox, Rat and Pig
Fire Sheep, Horse and Snake
Wood Dragon, Tiger and Rabbit
Metal Dog, Monkey and Rooster

Characteristics of Chinese Horoscope Elements

Here is a summary of the characteristics and personality traits of each of the five elements to help you find out more…

Chinese Horoscopes – Earth Element People

Earth element people tend to be faithful, idealistic and ambitious. There is a kind of dual energy associated with the earth element.

On the one hand, the signs associated with this element want to be treated with a certain level of importance, but they also desperately want to be treated in a very loving manner. This can be a bit of a conflict because sometimes you don’t think of meshing the two.

Chinese Horoscopes – Water Element People

Imaginative with a tendency to cast a philosophical eye on life’s events, water element people are clever, scholarly and sometimes secretive. It’s not usual for signs of this element to have multiple professions.

Chinese Horoscopes – Fire Element People

Magnetic and personable, fire element people want to be happy and excited about life. However, as energetic as they are, there is still a tendency for them to be a bit hypersensitive, and a tad gossipy.

Chinese Horoscopes – Wood Element People

The wood element is associated with artists, and the people that tote this element are usually very dedicated to their professional lives. Keeping busy is extremely important to them. They also enjoy shopping and any kind of overindulgence.

Chinese Horoscopes – Metal Element People

Metal element people tend to be great with numbers and, generally speaking, have a very good head for finances. They also love having an orderly and disciplined life, but not one without balance.

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