Free Online Dating – The Do’s and Don’ts

Things to keep in mind during free online dating

Millions of people of all ages are getting online in the hope of finding true love. Some are lucky and succeed at the venture, while others are not so lucky and continue to struggle along the way.

Remember, there is no right or wrong on the way to finding love online. It is all about what works and what does not, depending on the circumstances. We spoke to many successful and unsuccessful daters who have experienced the joys and sorrows of internet dating.

In doing so, we have gathered for you a handful of pearls of wisdom which might make a difference to your journey.

Dos of free online dating

  • Do a thorough bit of research before you register with any internet dating service.
  • Make sure the site has privacy and security policies in place and will not divulge your personal information to a third party
  • Do a background check on the service for any unpleasant incidents associated with it
  • Do ensure that the dating site caters to your locality
  • Do some research and compare the various features provided by your chosen free online dating service before you register
  • Do spend time to create an innovative user name for your profile
  • Do write an interesting headline and introduction to attract more singles to your profile
  • Do fill complete details on your online profile. It increases your chances of being short listed when someone does a search on the site.
  • Do upload your recent colour photograph on your online dating profile. It will increase your chances of getting responses from singles on the site.
  • Do trust your instincts when making friends online

Don’ts of free online dating

  • Don’t register on too many internet dating sites all at once. It does not help to be totally lost when you start out.
  • Don’t make your user id or your profile sound desperate. No one likes to hook up with desperate loners
  • Don’t give half baked or untruthful information about yourself on the profile. You will not attract the right person into your life. Even if it works initially, sooner or later, the truth will come out.
  • Don’t upload celebrity pictures or someone else’s pictures or any other pictures on your free online dating profile. People like to see who they are speaking with. It is best that someone decides to speak to you for who you are. If the person rejects you for your looks, then that is not the kind of person you want to date anyway.
  • Don’t be in too much of a hurry to divulge personal information or meet with your new online love. Get to know the person better before you decide to do either of this. It will give you time to understand the person better and decide if they actually are your type. This will even give you a chance to see if the person is genuine or a fraud.

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