Fun Gifts for Newlyweds

When your favorite couple decides to tie the knot, a gift on their bridal registry just may not cut it. If your friendship is especially close, you may wish to present the happy pair with a gift that comes with a more personal message.

Be prepared to celebrate your pals’ union with a fun gift that lightens the mood and adds to the relaxation of their honeymoon. Here are some great “outside the box” gifts to consider for newlyweds.

For the Great Outdoors

If your beloved buds enjoy everything that is Mother Nature, a fun and functional outdoorsy present may be in store. Gifts for the great outdoors can offer many years of fun in the sun and utter relaxation.

Here are some suggestions for outdoorsy gifts for your friends:

A grill

For those wonderful summertime burgers and hotdogs, a nice grill really does the trick. Ownership of a grill also inspires barbeque parties and other fun get-togethers.

A two-person tent

For the adventurous duo, a tent comes in especially handy for weekends away and overnight treks to new lands. This gift enables travel and the making of countless memories in nearby or distant vacation destinations.

A wine backpack

these often contain their own picnic blanket, wine glasses, corkscrew and bottle topper, not to mention the spacious backpack with storage enough for at least one or two bottles of wine. Bonus – this is a very romantic gift to boot!

For the Home

If your newlyweds enjoy time at home in the kitchen or relaxing, a unique gift for the home may be a nice treat. Depending on the budget, many fun and useful household items don’t even cross the minds of the new brides and grooms to be.

Here are a few home gifts that might strike your fancy:

A Flat-screen Television (The Ultimate Gift)

Guys and gals alike will enjoy a high definition flat-screen television, complete with his and hers remote control. (Hers when he isn’t using it!) While considerably pricier than most wedding gifts, this gift item will always be cherished and enjoyed thanks to you.

A Fondue set

If your friends haven’t already registered for a Fondue set, consider this as an option. Molten chocolate, stringy melted cheese draped over potatoes laden with bacon, broccoli dressed with a thin layer of cheddar – if that doesn’t make your mouth water, move on. Fondue is a very romantic gift that can be enjoyed by the couple as well as by dinner guests and party guests.

A Video Game System

Even as we grow older, it is still important to keep the child alive in our hearts. If you decide to get your friends a video game system, be prepared that the groom may appreciate this gift just a tad bit more than the bride will.

For the Honeymoon

If you insist on being the fun friend with the wild and crazy ideas, getting your friends a gift for their honeymoon might be right up your alley.

Here are a few ideas for suitcase-worthy honeymoon gifts:

A new digital camera

If you think your friends are in the market for a new camera but just haven’t had the time or the cash to pick one up, give this avenue a fair shot. A spiffy new digital camera will capture so much of the fun and adventure on their honeymoon.

Snorkeling gear

If your pals are traveling to a tropical location, snorkeling is probably one of the items on their list of fun things to do. Make sure you include a disposable underwater camera for priceless memories!

Luggage, of course!

If the couple has not already registered for luggage, a nice set of matching luggage could be just the ticket to a wonderful start for their happy honeymoon. If they do have luggage, a beach bag full of fun accessories like “Just Married” flip-flops, a Frisbee, and other sand and surf items may be the perfect alternative.

No matter what gift you decide to get for your friends, remember that they will especially cherish your continued friendship. Express your feelings in a wedding card that captures the emotion of the day. Include a few pictures of the couple before they got engaged, or during their engagement, if you feel so inclined.

Remember that the wedding is a very special time to wish the bride and groom the best for their future together. Your love and support for them is the best gift of all!

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