Get Rid of the Depression Caused by Cheating

There are some recognizable warning signs of “dangerous” patterns of thinking, which will eventually lead to the mental misery. If these patterns are recognized on time one can actively start to turn one’s thoughts into a different direction. Changing the way one thinks is hard at first. If one constantly receives the negative feedback one starts to believe it. Fortunately same applies other way around. If one concentrates every day merely on positive things and refuses to give in to negative thoughts, positive thinking will slowly become a norm. This has many positive impacts on an individual’s life. It is possible to learn to control one’s emotions after all sorts of tragedies in life. To read more about this topic, visit page Controlling Your Mind.
Positive attitude = Health = Happiness = Mental balance
According to the researchers, people with positive attitude are not as likely to get sick as their more grim fellows. Happy people are appreciated by others because they create a positive atmosphere around them, making others feel good too. The good news is that If one is not born with a positive mind, it is possible to learn to be positive. Below you find some methods as to how to achieve this goal.

Block negative thoughts

When you recognize a negative thought, make a conscious decision to block that thought, no matter what the thought is. Say to yourself: “This line of thinking will lead to the mental misery, I will not follow this path”. Whatever the thought is (spouse’s affair, arguments with the boss at work, money problems etc) you will not do yourself any good if you keep on thinking about it and making yourself miserable. If someone has done you wrong, do not let them win by harming you even more.
You are the most important person in your life. Make it a priority to treat yourself as you would like others to treat you. You are your own best friend. If you are not kind to yourself, who then will be? Think of yourself as your own child. What would you say to your child if he or she was thinking negative thoughts and sinking into the misery the way you are doing? Say those same things to yourself, and take your place as the older and wiser YOU who takes care of the younger and more vulnerable You.

Trick your brain to believe you are happy and you will be!

There is an old wisdom that says: “if you feel sad, put a pen between your teeth so that it does not touch your lips. In order to do this you must stretch the muscles of your mouth, lips and face as if you were smiling. Body and brain have a good “memory”, they will remember that your muscles are normally being activated that way when you are in a good mood. Your brain reacts to this by behaving as it usually does when you are in a good mood, by changing the biochemical balance in such a way that you start to feel a bit better. You will not feel completely happy, but nevertheless you feel better. The precise mechanism as to how this works is not currently known, but for you the most important thing is to know that it seems to work in most cases. In same fashion, if you decide to think negative thoughts they keep on strengthening and you end up in a cycle of sadness and depression.

Give your brain time to change

As stated above, if you decide to think negative thoughts they keep on strengthening and you end up in a cycle of sadness and depression. Luckily the brain can solve also this problem on its own, if the brain is given sufficient amount of time. This time can be anything from couple weeks to couple years. Usually it takes couple years to fully recover from a clinical depression. This is approximately the time the brain needs to resume the biochemical balance after some external event has pushed it off balance. Slowly the negative thoughts will subside and give in to more positive thoughts. When this happens the healing process can begin. But why should you wait so long, when you can actually speed up the healing process yourself by choosing what to think and when? If you wish to read more about this topic, visit page Recovery after Cheating.

Think positive 

This may sound even too simple, but in most cases the simplest methods are the most effective ones. That is the case also here. We may not literally be what we eat, but we truly are what we think. If you choose to think positively, your life will evolve accordingly in a long run. It is all about your own attitude. You can choose. Make the right decision and start to think in a new way starting today!

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