Girly Quotes

  1. Drama’s made for movies, not reality
  2. drama, lies, tears ..teenage years.
  3. bitches in my face damn near everyday calling me some names tell `em to fuck off they actin` all surprise askin` what i say?!
  4. drama;lies;backstabbing. yea it`s the teenage years
  5. Dumbb hoee!
  7. Girls look me up and down and never have anything to say, funny how the words come when i walk away.
  8. roses are red, violets are blue talk shit again – i’ll break you and your pussy in two. you think it’s funny? you think it’s a game? stop laughing bitch cause in bed your lame!
  9. sweetie, if your going to be two-faced; at least make one of them pretty.
  10. love me, hate me, just think, you’re thinking of me!
  11. you talk it. we live it. you’re jealous. admit it.
  12. people are gonna talk crap and make you feel like garbage but you know who you are and don’t prove them that they’re wrong because they’re the ones talking [ fact: they obviously dont have a life of their own
  13. it’s not my fault your man wants me..
  14. my name must taste good; it’s always in someone’s mouth
  15. save the drama for your momma
  16. ladies, drama, leave it – home if he ain’t got it right by now, scratch him – off
  17. if you don’t like me – who the hell cares
  18. people will always talk about you might as well give them something to talk about
  19. keep talkin : you’re makin me famous
  20. i’m the baddest as u can see … so dont step to me …

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