Gucci Mane Quotes

Radric Davis (born February 12, 1980), better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper. He debuted in 2005 with Trap House and followed with albums such as Hard to Kill in 2006, Trap-A-Thon and Back to the Trap House in 2007.

“Dropped 70 on my hummer but that ain’t bout nothing!”

“Mighty mouse charm appraised that, just bout 50 Gotta shine like Diddy, cross em up like Bibby, Many men wanna kill me but I’m not 50, I’ma take one wit me, let me know who wit me, Who you wit motherfucka, blood-in no envy, when the feds snatched me I said I had no memory”

“A trapper but this rappin got me going places you’ll never go!!”

“Trap boys get bricks, athletes get trophies Gucci mane got cake, it’s my birthday party Want a sweet 16? thats two times forty!!”

“I got dumb money, my bank account is foolish red rubies in my belt buckle, did it for tha groupies”

“I ain’t did nothing judge, I blame it on that choppa dog, i’m talkin to the jury but you talkin to tha doctor dog”

“Pitchin cocaine like Greg Maddox on the mound, Yo partner hit a foul cuz he shorted me a pound”

“Front that work to my dog, he gonna bring that money back if i front a hundred pounds, he gon’ bring a hundred stackss”

“The porsche porcelain, the rims are gorgeous”

“I pushed a lot of pills, alot of peas, alot of powder, It’s Gucci Mane La Fleur and Jiggalo ya cowards”

“Got the valentine Jordan’s with the Easter Forces, St Patrick’s Day Bapes, that’s my choices”

“Shawty wanna snort it so I put it on a saucer, cut it wit a blade then I shoved it in her nostril”

“Holla at your folk, take some notes I got them pounds of dro The swisha smoke, then Waka gon’ roll blunts until our eyes are low First deal on Bouldercrest so pull up at the Texaco My 74, ten keys are sold, you know I got four keys to blow!

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