Honey Cocaine Quotes

  1. I dont, like the laws. I dont like em’ at all. You see the swagg and attitude is too fuckin’ raw.
  2. Listen you rats here just a count for me you ain’t me homie you just act like me. Well you should watch your actions please cause there might be some casualties.
  3. Uh, warfare, I keep a circle can’t afford squares. Don’t come between us tell a hater it’s sword dare.
  4. Bitch Im Honey Cocaine bout to bring in some pain. All my haters like a choir they all singing my name.
  5. I crop a kid, it’s a hot to shit. Its some gucci, Louis, fendi, Prada shit.
  6. Fuck my enemies and my hatin’ army, powerful around the world look just try to harm me.
  7. Hold the bitch, just sold the bitch, fuck you pay me is what I told the bitch.
  8. Get the chains and the rings and the watches, bro and I boxed a slut, I just boxed a hoe.
  9. Uh, soft bitches get hurt, soft niggas get it worse come harder ya better work.
  10. Yo, got a Asian bitch on my left side. Another Asian bitch, right, right side. They might send your ass off to the next side. Bitch hold your damn breath cause you might die.
  11. Can’t walk or talk cause I own you bitch. Please don’t make me hot, I’m the coldest bitch.
  12. What’s a whore to a queen? Whatever bitch!
  13. If a bitch fuck around, I might go off. My advice is you better get dawn to go. You cannot shop at the mall, but I buy out the stores I got a box of jewels, I call it pot of gold.
  14. I shouldn’t beat a broad, but I still would but I don’t try and be bad cause the deals good.
  15. Gotta group of bad bitches and I feel good. Oh you’re hungry? Too bad cause my meal’s good.
  16. Yeah, now look I got that urge to feed them off some gold and shit. Type of stuff to make them feel like alcohol and gold and shit.

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