Horoscope Forecast For 2022


ARIES Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is not so favourable for the persons under Aries. You may be financially sound, but you will have separation with your family members. You will suffer from ailments. There will be heavy expenditure during 2022. Great difficulty will be experienced for not having faithful servants and efficient drivers. You will have the gift of the gab, which will side you the reputation of the members of the opposite sex. You will start new ventures, which will give you good output. The unmarried youth can advertise through websites or daily newspapers to find out their life partner and marriage will materialize. Your diplomatic nature will help you to overcome your flight especially in your professional matters. You will visit foreign countries. You will pass in the examinations scoring high marks. You will visit foreign countries. You will chalk out programmes for pilgrimage. You will fall in love with a person in your staff. Surely there will be financial increase in income during March 2022. The possibility of accidents and surgery cannot be ruled out. You may be cheated with your partner in business. You will lodge complaints to police station. Your association with foreigners will do you good. Those who are seeking for employment will get a new job. Possibility of getting promotion can not be ruled out. You will try seeing the world through rose – tinted glasses. A member in the opposite sex will influence you sincerely. You will shine in stages and you will get plenty awards during the year. Students will be successful in their examinations. Your superiors will appreciate your work during September 2022. You will gain victory over your enemies. Possibility of childbirth in the family cannot be ruled out. You will spend money heavily for medical investigation and drugs. You will visit hospitals and you are forced to donate money as a lump sum. You will get profit through realestate business. There will be separation between you and your family members. You will attend funeral functions of a close relative. Great difficulty will be experienced for indulging your passion for good edibles. You will purchase a new plot or constructed house during June 2022. You social and philosophical calculations will be busy for months. You should be more vigilant while handling explosives, electricity fire and weapons. The members will elect you in your society and you are forced to work freely. It will be better to wear topaz ring in your finger through out the year 2022.

TAURUS Horoscope Forecast For 2022

You will flourish like anything during 2022. There is possibility of winning lotteries during the year. You will climb up the career ladder. You are forced to donate to charitable institutions. You will fulfill your dreams during May 2022. You will stand to shine in your profession. The unemployed youth will browse placement websites or daily newspapers to get the job of their own choice. There will be association with foreigners and you will gain with that relation. You will stretch your hands for help to your relatives and well-wishers. You will stick in your profession. You will publish your own texts or books during the year. You will purchase new jewels, ornaments and vehicles with modern accessories. You will fall for the charms of members of opposite sex. There is possibility of getting transferred to a new place where you do not like to go and you will get disappointment by this sudden change. Ailments of the heart may trouble you. You will be hospitalized for the check up during July 2022. Those who are in the medical profession will get a chance to go abroad. You will get an eminent person during 2022. You will be font of art such as music dance etc and you will try to learn the subjects. You will attend a peculiar marriage party in which alcohol is served during September 2022. Beware of animals and snakes. You will spend money exorbitantly for spiritual functions. There will be differences of opinion with your boss and it will spoil your career. Hence you should be more practical. Unhappy episode may happen in your office. You should be cautious for not having theft, as there is possibility for theft in your jurisdiction. Your friends will destroy you. You will miss your daily routines during November 2022. You are able to spend your precious time with your spouse and children. There will have hurdles in your path and you will step up your image. Decision will be taken for the marriage engagement in your family. You will be awarded during December for your dynamic and diplomatic work. You will worry about your children’s future. You will participate in elections. You will keep away in political functions. . Software professionals will enjoy and they will be boosted with their salary or income. There will be diseases for your parents. You will attend birthday functions. You will forget important matters and you will be in hot water. It is advisable to wear coral during 2022.

GEMINI Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is really bad for you. Your revenue stream based or commissions from the manufactures will be down. The stability of the portfolio is also dependent on your financial objectives and risk profile. You will invest in stock and shares. But there will be great loss during March 2022 with stock exchange business. You will give advise to your friends. But you are unable to solve your problems. There will be great difficulty for keeping the words of honor. You will be sensitive to the needs of an investor and investor should be competent enough to provide tailor made opinions to suite an investor’s appetite. It will be better to invest your fixed income bearing securities like government bonds and corporate debenture papers. You will fail to understand the financial markets. You will face risks associated in investing income mutual funds. You will differ opinions with your superior and it will result repercussion in the official life. You will indulge secret things during July 2022. You will stretch the load. There will criticisms on you among your friends. Possibility of death of a best friend cannot be ruled out during October 2022. You will enjoy picnics during August 2022. You will have major pressure on the career. You will change your residence. Transfers and postings are conducting and you will become as one of the victim. There will be quarrels between your political parties. There will be considerable impact hearing your words. The pressure from family members will be high to purchase new vehicles. You should not give resignation to your firm as it will lead you in troubles. You have to play a key role in toppling the department. There will be death of a senior most member in the political party. There will be cold war between you and your life partner during August 2022. Your initiative and prompt action in organizing a convention will be highly commendable. There will be under currents through out the year between you and your office staff. You should be vigilant that you are having any vigilance case against you. You should keep your steps correctly. There will be chances for acting in films. You will enjoy festivals during March, April & May 2022. There may be petty criminal cases towards you. You will sign in important documents. You will negotiate certain programmes, which are beneficial to the nation. There will be restrictions in your day-to-day life, as you will suffer from epidemic type illness. You will be inclined by overwork mentally to take too much out of yourself and so bring on a breakdown of the nervous system and you should take rest to restore you to good health. You will be likely to become a great believer in some special form of diet which will be greatly to your advantage. It will be desirable to wear Blue Sapphire on golden ring.

CANCER Horoscope Forecast For 2022

There will be misfortunes and troubles during 2022.Asfar as the health is concerned you will have great vitality and a splendid constitution although you will at times undermine it by over strain and over work. You will have periods of success and periods of failure. The unexpected will happen more often than the expected. You will be likely to make many changes in your career and plans and you will feel restless and unsettled unless you can strike someone decided thing in which you can put your heart and soul. You will suffer from acute indigestion and stomach troubles, largely brought on by indiscretions in diet. You will have very intense emotions and feelings. You will participate in many religious functions as well as spiritual functions spending your time energy and money. You will find it hard to settle down to any regular conventional life. Your obstinate perseverance and head strong qualities will always be a great asset in your favour. You will get much help from your superiors. During 2022 you will be extremely independent in thought and action. You will be quick in temper combative and you will rush into quarrels or arguments on the impulse of the moment. Your long awaited ambition can be fulfilled during June 2022. Great difficulty will be experienced for getting seats for higher studies for your children even though they scored very good high marks in their examinations. Your conjugal life will not be satisfactory as per your expectation. You will have a considerable amount of self reliance and be creative and original in all your plans during September 2022. You will be imaginative, romantic, artistic with a decided learning towards idealism, occultism and spiritualization. Such things will attract you and are likely to influence your life. You will have intense feelings and emotions a devotional nature irrespective your age and status. You will love to give enjoyment and pleasure to your friends and you will be successful in social life. Government will issue orders favouring you. You will be proud of your children as they will get prizes in cultural activities during October 2022. You will labour against many disadvantage during the year 2022. Anyway you will expect to gain a considerable amount of financial success. You will be naturally kind hearted and generous so that you will get cheated by your subordinates. You will have considerable talent for organization the desire for large ambitious schemes the ability to a mass wealth and power, but it all you will be inclined to weigh down by heavy expenditure. You will get promotion during July 2022. Fresh problems will arise each and everyday during October 2022. There may be misunderstandings between you and your in-laws. You may loose your memory and you will be in hot water while implementing the orders of your superiors. It is advisable to wear an Emerald (Gem) in your right hand on a golden ring.

LEO Horoscope Forecast For 2022

You will be benefited during 2022. From the better side of your disposition, you will be deep lover of nature in all the forms. You will visit abroad during 2022. There are chances to worship beautiful scenery, gardens, flowers, sculptures and even waterfalls. 2022 year will remain as a remarkable year in your life. You will have many idealistic companionships with members of your opposite sex, but more from the standpoint of affection and good comradeship than from passion. You will gain through lotteries. You will have a tendency for gambling during April 2022. You may suffer from appendicitis, internal lesions and trouble in the lower abdomen or intestinal tract. Although having good intuition about what other people should go. You will not be able to give yourself the same good advice. You are liable to be influenced by designing persons planning for their own advantage more than yours. You will spend heavily for medical purposes especially for delivery cases. You will have chances to live in dry climates. Despite increased expenditure unexpected income can also arrive. You will have litigation. A good year awaits realtors. From the month of July politicians may farewell. You can become the cynosure of all eyes but do not let that go to your head. Though welfare of the family is assured, there will be no peace of mind. You will enjoy festival programmes during June 2022 and you have to donate huge amount for educational purposes. A failure in spiritual practices may meet with obstacles. A delayed marriage can take off during this year. Anyway conjugal life will be smooth. You should be more careful while handling finance otherwise there is possibility of loss. Anyway discrete speculation can bring some gains. Love affairs meet with failure. Those who associate with cinema can increase their profits and popularity. Relation with parents will be harmonious. Longstanding desires can materialize during the year. Romance and emotional attachments will suffer. An un expectable fear can create anxiety. Fatigue due to aimless travel and simple windy complaints can bother you. A trusted friend may let you down. Please avoid water spots and avoid air travel also. There is possibility of acquiring jewellery. Professional activity may not bring in the results that you expect. Agreements or legacy interests surface. Resources may get a squeeze. Blood pressure patients must be extra careful. During the year there can be a disruption of normal life and you should pay more attention to your health. Partnership business poses problems. Investment in land properties is favoured. Increased responsibilities can invite strained relations with brother and sisters. During 2022, finances can fail of planning is not meticulous. There is possibility of alteration to your residence. A dispute in your industry or a rift with a co-worker can lead to tensions.

VIRGO Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is an encouraging time towards you. Vitality and confidence are the keywords for this year. You will be tactful in dealing with people. Your philanthropic trend of mind may make you donate to charitable institutions. Business consultants an real estate businesses will make money. You may get wealth through partners. During April 2022. You will gain victory over enemies. Domestic life will be successful. You will go on a pleasure trip to a distant place. Marriage will take place in your family during 2022. Politicians will win elections. Possibility of childbirth in the family can be predicted during the year. Great difficulty will be experienced for not having sincere subordinate and efficient drivers and talented cooks. There will be troubles from pets even though pets ca give you relief from the monotony of work. You will spend heavily in order to get your health as perfect. The business enterprises that you undertake during this year will be successful. Possibility of getting inherit property cannot be ruled out. Speculation might work. You will spend more amount and time on music luxury items, decoration and entertainments. You will deviate from your daily routines during July and August 2022. Extra care should be taken while handling animals, vehicles, weapons, fire explosives and electricity. Your children will get better opportunities for higher studies during May, June, and July 2022. You will make your fortunes more at abroad than home. You may buy a well-furnished new house and a cab. Domestic life will be charming. You will arrange a pilgrimage with whole family members. You will rejoice with your pets. Your creative best can be displayed during 2022. You will be familiar with top executives big guns and you will get support from them. Government will issue orders favouring you. You will attend religion services or ceremonies frequently during November ad December 2022. Please make optimum use of your gift of the cab and it can lead you to a successful career. There will be a smooth flow of income in the family. You may fall in love with your neighbor. Love at first sight or even a sudden marriage can be expected during April 2022. Your pleasing manners will stimulate you to win friends. Friends will stand by you through thick and thin. Those who are working in public institutions should have a better time. Connection with foreigners will do you good. There is possibility of missing your belongings. Robbery or theft can be predicted. You will be in hunger even though you are having sufficient cash in your purse. It is advisable to wear golden sapphire jewel (gem) with golden ring in your first finger.

LIBRA Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is a lucky period for the persons under “Libra”. You will be full of life during this year. A litigation will end in compromise. You will visit foreign countries with your family. Those who are fond of sports and pleasure will have a wonderful time this year 2022.Speculation will lead to profit. You will win lotteries. You will deposit money safely during March 2022.Pursue your hobbies to keep depression at bay. You may loose sleep over disputes with labour problem. You will get challenged. You will spend money exorbitantly as hospital expenses especially for child birth or delivery expenses. You will get a sincere and loyal worker during June 2022.You will have some health problems also. You are forced to donate huge amount for educational purposes for your child. Please follow your intuition as it may work wonders. Take a break from your monotonous career and spend some time with your family. You will spend a lot of money for pilgrim centres. You will be appreciated for your sincere work during July 2022.Your child will have to take a break in education. You will be more fond of dance and musical concerts. You should be vigilant while traveling as well as signing the agreements and documents. You will get cheated by your staff .You will get the long awaited promotion during 2022.You will attend funeral function of a close relative during May 2022.Intellectual disclosures will take a lot of time during this year. You will get lot of time to read classical and important texts. You will win court cases connected to wills or legacies. Please watch out for trouble makers and allegations of misappropriation of funds. You will be very much anxious about your kids during August and September 2022.You will enjoy classical music and break dance.. You will have strange romantic experience during October – November 2022.Those of you are about to retire can expect a bounty. Please do not speculate as you may not succeed. Your industrious nature will win you fans. Your craving for power and prestige will be realized during December 2022.You will get pen friends or friends through chitchat or through modern technology. Changes will give vitality to your life during May 2022.You should be vigilant while selecting your friends. Sales of oilseeds will bring you profit. You will be perhaps involved in scandles. Hence you should be very careful while purchasing and writing documents. A long voyage and foreign stay can be predicted. It is advisable to wear blue sapphire gem on a golden ring on your third finger.

SCORPIO Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is charming as far as man of Scorpio is concerned. Students of medicine ,law and chemistry will experience success in studies. You will stay very active throughout this year. Co workers or partners will lend you a helping hand while you are in flight. You will be good at administrative and advisory abilities during February 2022.You must give more attention to elderly family members. Those who are looking for employment in educational institutions will benefit. You may inherit property. You may get more profit with transactions of stock and shares. Connections with foreigners will help you in one way or the other. You will spend more money for purchase of new books or texts .Those looking for job in the service sector will get a positive response. You will participate in spiritual functions .The possibility of accidents may be reduced. You should be more punctual otherwise your enemies will murmur.2022 is a promising year for taking new directions and joining in some other place. You may participate in competitions and score high marks. Hence you will be appreciated. You will hear good music and dances composed in Sanskrit .You will take alcoholic drinks during 2022.You will spend heavily for making donation. You will be bold to take up new ventures. Children will have to face a break in their studies. There is a possibility of child birth during 2022.You may get involved in petty quarrels. Speculation will be more profitable than your expectation. You will make offerings in temples You will repair your house during this year. You will get an ambitious life partner who will influence you positively. You will get an additional qualification during this year. Possibility of partition at home connected with property cannot be ruled out. You will purchase modern electronic equipments during this year. You will overcome an emotional trauma. You may even think about suicide attempts. Your craving for luxury items will be realized. Your relatives will help you in time of need. Unexpected gains await you during January 2022.You stand to gain through persons in power. You will attend marriage functions during February 2022 where liquor will be served. Your popularity among colleagues will soar. You can expect victory over enemies. It will be beneficial to wear a catseye gem on a golden ring on the third finger.

SAGITTARIUS Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is not so favourable to you. You will have mixed effects of fortune and misfortune .A wish at work is close to fulfillment but you need emotional equilibrium before the power shifts occur. Your inability to emerge from a particular point of view is a poor move professionally. Curb your enthusiasm in money matters especially during business parties. During this year extra responsibilities come from people who trust you. You may undertake a research based journey during April. Not everything will go the way you want. May 2022 is a month where your smooth sail is likely to be interrupted by your destructive habits. During August and May 2022 romance, excitement and affection help keep spirits up. During 2022 rewards are in store for you. You will get guarantee in business talks. You will fall in love with a person whom you know since past few years. But you should be transparent in love commitments. Please avoid air travels during July 2022.You are not having a good period during November 2022, to disassociate yourself from the past or from old acquaintances. The turning point in your life and career is upon you. In money matters you will realize your potential but you will do well to get payments on time or you will be let down in future as arrears pile up. You must be more careful and tricky while dealing with young people as you may be in for high handed treatment as they take their new roles very seriously .Relationships will head towards a prosperous phase during 2022 but disapproval could creep in if you take financial decisions without consulting the same with your spouse. A fresh form of health and healing is required that does not focus so much on the rigidity of discipline but chooses to go with the flow. You should be guard against a fraud. A good position of authority awaits you. Your friends will try to destroy you. During October and November 2022 disharmony at home , ill health to spouse ,children and close relatives can make you depressed. Increased responsibilities can invite strained relations with brothers and sisters. Your enemies will take cruel steps towards you during 2022.Anyway you will escape from all accidents or unhappy incidence during 2022.It is better to wear a diamond ring on the third finger of the right hand irresponsible of gender.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is the golden period in your life .But the months January and February can go tough and prove tiring. Limited happiness prevails. Friends ,family and spouse are exposed to hazards. A foreign trip if delayed or pending can take off. Simple ailments to heart and stomach can surface. Please avoid getting caught in quarrels. Children will excel in their studies. Real Estate business will be profitable. There will be increase in income. You will become popular through mediums. You will purchase new house or plot. You will visit hospitals frequently during the months of July and August 2022. Victory of enemies can be predicted. You will participate in spiritual meetings during September and October 2022.You will visit places of pilgrim importance. You will spend more time for meditation or yoga etc. Government will take steps favouring you. You will win court cases. You will fall in love with your office staff or neighbour. Money will e spent for offerings. Voyage can be predicted during November 2022.During October 2022, you will be forced to deviate from your daily routines. You may get promotion within quarter of the year. Your dealings with neighbours and subordinates will be cordial and successful. There is a possibility of getting a new job. You will attend funeral of a close relative during May 2022.You will spend more money for luxury items.. Your relatives will give you good moral support than ever during this year. You will change your residence.. You will climb up the official ladder and transfer is in your door steps. It will be a shame if you do not use your current time and energy for achieving something valuable during this year. Friends will put an extra demand on you. Your responsibilities as well as burdens will be increased. You can be over suspicious You will draw some fresh inspiration from youngster’s opinions. This is a better period to deepen your involvement in a charitable enterprise. You will set out for a pilgrimage to a distant shrine. You will devote time to delve into the world of occult. There will be an increase in income but you have to control your purse strings. During months of December 2022 you will have the occasion to taste exotic dishes. Your meticulous nature will bring you fame , popularity and prosperity. Your children may go abroad for higher studies on scholarships during August 2022.Eventhough you will lend a helping hand to your relatives, they will behave like enemies in the later days of the year .A member of the opposite sex will influence you positively. It is the right time to wear topaz on a golden ring of your right hand.

AQUARIUS Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is very much favourable towards you. But health can get affected or minor accidents or surgery can occur during the last months of 2022.Legacy interests get fortified. Even though displeasures from superiors can make you upset, careful professional planning can reap you profits .In the beginning months of 2022,troubles of nuisance can cripple advancement. There can be loss of valuable articles. Decline in prosperity can set in. There can be heavy expenditure on an auspicious function .During May 2022,delayed marital proposals will take off. Possibility of separation from the family cannot be ruled out. Financial problems can emerge causing a crush. But you can keep your word of honour with respect to finance. You should be more careful against loss while traveling. Those who are doing Real Estate Business should work hard and they should think twice while committing transactions. Anyway you have a chance to win lottery during August – September 2022.Frequent domestic quarrels may affect your happiness. You may loose a close friend to death.. However some relief from debts cannot be ruled out. It is better to avoid speculation and go slowly while making major decisions.. The year 2022 is a good period to undertake new projects and ventures. You are forced to donate money to charitable institutions and pilgrim centres. You will try to convince your stand and you will succeed finally. Being diplomatic and honest you stand to go up the career ladder during this year. Those who are of the age of marriage may hear the ringing of wedding bells for themselves during the month of January and February 2022.There is a possibility of child birth in your family during April 2022.There will be no serious problems with respect to health conditions .Highly adaptable by nature , you will stand to shine in your career. Your association with foreign people will do you good. You will gain through correspondence with high dignitaries. There is a possibility of getting transfer to a place of your choice. You will fall for the charms of the member of the opposite sex. There will be auspicious events in the family during September 2022.It will be wise to consult experts before embarking any real estate ventures. You will get high reputation among your friends. You will win elections and will be place in high status .There is a possibility of riots between political parties in which you will be the speculator. You must take ordinary diet for enjoying good health as there is a possibility of becoming the victim of diabetes during this year. It is advisable to wear Catseye gem on a golden ring in the third finger of the right hand throughout the year.

PISCES Horoscope Forecast For 2022

The year 2022 is very promising for you. But there can be obstruction to conjugal happiness and for some even separation from spouse. Anxiety can make you sick. Anyway relations with Parents may be harmonious. The facts may be against you but that does not mean that you have done a mistake. The possibility of gambling cannot be ruled out. You will get support from your friends and colleagues. During February 2022. You will find yourself paying for friends. In the final analysis, the end result depends on how happy you are to be subsiding other people. You will win court cases. as you will succeed in arguments during March 2022.You will spend heavily for purchase of new books, clothes, modern electronic goods etc. Your sleep will be disturbed as you will suffer from body pain ,stomach pain and liver trouble during January 2022.You will have to sign stamp papers for an important affair. You will fall in love with your neighbours during May and June 2022.You will succeed in competitive examinations with respect to job opportunity. You will adapt yourself to changing circumstances. During October 2022 you will find new partners and they will brain wash you to start a new project .Possibility of hospitalization due to accidents from vehicles and animals cannot be ruled out. You will shine in stages. You will be summoned by the court of law as a witness during 2022.Victory over enemies can be predicted.. You will attend a posh marriage function of an important personality during September 2022.There will be scandles towards you .Hence you must be more practical while dealing with persons of the opposite sex irrespective of their age and status. Though some unexpected income from questionable sources can appear to give relief for a while more expenses than you expect can develop leading to financial crisis. Rivals seem to gain an upper hand. Real estate people may have to struggle to dispose off their property as gain. You will get profit from stock and share business and through agencies like insurance etc. You will suffer from mild ailments such as bronchitis, headache. eye trouble etc .Doctors can go abroad to earn money as lump sum. Children will score maximum marks in examinations. There will be non co-operation between you and your subordinates on account of minute disputes. During the month of October – November 2022 ,You will visit places like beauty parlours and gymnasium for developing your beauty and body shape. There will be no harm for wearing a Green Emerald gem on a golden ring in the third finger of your right hand.

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