Hot Nicki Minaj Quotes

Nicki Minaj is a recording artist signed to Young Money Entertainment with the help of fellow rapper Lil Wayne. These quotes are from her popular songs and interviews on life, love and other various topics.

  1. I had to laugh at that one. Bitch get outta line Imma slap the fat one.
  2. May the Lord protect me as the world gets hectic. My voice projected, my life reflected.
  3. Pop ya kickstand little mama I’m the Nickster. I’ll pop you then I’ll pop your little sister.
  4. I’m such a maniac. Where wayne at, I’m tryna get sum brainiac.
  5. Now every club promoter wanna bid like auctions, cause I pack shows, sell ticks(Celtics) like Boston.
  6. Pop a bottle just to get my head right. Tell the doctor go and get my meds right.
  7. Detonatin them bombs, detonatin them hits. Gonna buy out the bar, all bitches is rich.
  8. Cause my flow crazy, Hussein like Sadam. You getting it? I got em, I’m the rap bitch madam.
  9. I always ride slow when I’m straddlin. And my shit so wet you gotta paddle in.
  10. When my legs go back you can hear them jangle, once ya pop you can’t stop like a can of Pringles.
  11. I’m bout that fast money, money aint got no patience, but if them boys come run like you on probation.
  12. I am runnin this shit, I am so exhausted. Batter up bitches, but approach with caution.
  13. Call me Simba little mama cause Mufasa couldnt stop her.
  14. Imma put my lips on ya lips, who’s fatter? Nigga you can ask Michael Jack who’s badder.
  15. Just left Mr. Miyagi, tell that bitch jump if that bitch feel froggy. Cause I got one leg up in that middle of the ring and the bitch better duck when the bell go DING!
  16. Why did you envy? Why you go against me? When I got trendy, why you aint commend me? Why when I needed it, why you couldn’t lend me? Why you was secretive frontin like you friendly?
  17. “Back to basics, bitch I been hot since Asics
    And I’m tighter than face lifts, flier than spaceships”
    ‘Sunshine’ – Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne
  18. “I’ma spit on it, then I’m gon sit on it
    You can f*ck my girls too daddy, I’m kin-done-it (condone it)”
    ‘Doin’ It Well’ – Nicki Minaj featuring Jadakiss
  19. “One Two Buckle My Shoe
    No One On The Corner Has Swagga Like I Do”
    ‘Beam Me Up Scotty‘ – Nicki Minaj
  20. “Ask Rocko, ask Gucci, Gucci bandana
    I’m a star, I’m the black Hannah Montana”
    ‘Easy’ – Gucci Mane featuring Nicki Minaj & Rocko
  21. “I mean Tinker, tell n*gga link her
    Cause I’m lookin’ for some good brain from a thinker”
    ‘I Get Crazy’ – Nicki Minaj
  22. “Now I’m a dime, you a nickellete
    Light skinned-ed pig-ament, stop copyrightin’ infringement
    I eat these rap b*ches, somebody get me a dinner mint”
    ‘Get Silly’ – Nicki Minaj
  23. “I’mma need a coupleof those benz-ez-ez
    I be up out China spendin Yenz-ez-ez
    Gucci on my lens-ez-ez, my leather so sensetive
    Scratch my 9 o’clock, I wanna shop, make it ten-tative”
    ‘Shopaholic’ – Nicki Minaj
  24. “Call me Dracula, cause all I do is count chips
    Ya money mini, I ain’t talkin’ bout the mouse trick (Mini Mouse)
    These girls runnin’ like I just threw the bouquet
    They know I’m headed to the top like a toupee”
    ‘Bet Cipher’ – Nicki Minaj
  25. “Wanna Play Meet Me At The Fumble Line
    Cause Umma Ninja Cowabunga Time”
    ‘Shakin It For Daddy’ – Robin Thicke featuring Nicki Minaj
  26. “I Been Bad Since Sticky Hands
    Now All These Bitches is Nicki Fans”
    ‘Get it All’ – Sean Garrett featuring Nicki Minaj
  27. “You can hate me but why knock my hussle
    I’mma be the queen no matter how they shuffle
    Skirts with the ruffle, Louie on the duffle
    I’m a bad b*tch, no muzzle”
    ‘Go Hard’ – Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne
  28. “Now All These Bitches Wanna Try And Be My Bestie
    But I Take A Left And Leave Em Hanging Like A Testie”
    ‘My Chick Bad’ – Ludacris featuring Nicki Minaj
  29. “She Gets No Burn No Smoking Sign Yea Metaphor Heaven
    Cause They Approve Nicki Like My Credit Score 7″
    ‘Bet Cipher’ – Nicki Minaj
  30. “Money in the air it’s a festival
    Cause I ba-ba-ba-ba ball no testicles”
    ‘Shakin It For Daddy’ – Robin Thicke featuring Nicki Minaj
  31. “Thumbs up like im hailin a yellow cab
    My flow NUTS like M&Ms; in a yellow bag”
    ‘Up Out My Face’ – Mariah Carey featuring Nicki Minaj
  32. “When I come around it gets hotter than a soup kitchen
    I’ll leave clips in your head like a beautician”
    ‘Brraaattt’ – Nicki Minaj featuring Ransom
  33. “I never knew my titties was bigger than Pamela
    So paparazzi flickin’ be flickin’ they camera”
    ‘Kill Da DJ’ – Nicki Minaj
  34. “Get me my limozine, all in your magazine
    And when I come dem better lean like Promethazine”
    ‘Money On My Mind’ – Nicki Minaj featuring Brinx & Busta Rhymes
  35. “I keep three hoes, But don’t’call me Santa
    Anna-and I’m flyer than reindeers in the winter”
    ‘I Get Crazy’ – Nicki Minaj
  36. “Bank roll get me all them pretty furs
    Cause my p*ssy game cold, when he hit it he say burr
    He say buh-buh-buh-buh-bur, I’mma, I’mma marry her’
    And he p-lay with that purr, like he strummin’ his guitar”
    ‘Slumber Party’ – Gucci Mane featuring Nicki Minaj
  37. And if he want some pussy that’s a no-no. I only fucks with bad bitches, no homo.
  38. Shoutout to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t phase me.
  39. I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive.
  40. Been around the world, I still can’t find, another girl that can steal my shine. I’ve had my highs, I’ve had my lows, but you can’t tell me that I am not the baddest bitch!
  41. I’m a bad bitch, I’m a cunt. And I’ll kick that hoe, punt.
  42. I’m the baddest in the game. Excuse me, honey. Nobody’s in my lane.
  43. Fuck I look like hoe? I look like yes and you look like no!
  44. Switch my hair, they gon’ copy her. Switch my gear, they gon’ copy her. Look at how they stare, just a copier. Roger that. Did you copy that? Copycat.
  45. Don’t talk to me about chicks got skills; she’s alright, but she’s not real.
  46. My haters are my motivators.
  47. White girls tell me hey, Nicki your camp rules. Is that why you get more head than shampoos.
  48. I’m a bad bitch, I ain’t never been a mixed breed.
  49. You could be the King, but watch the Queen conquer.
  50. Flow tighter than a d*** in the butt.
  51. I’m still hood, Hollywood couldn’t change me.
  52. Kisses to my bad bitches.
  53. RIP to Anna Nicole Smith. Yes my dear, you’re so explosive. Say Hi to Mary Mary and Joseph, now bottoms up and double my dosage.
  54. Defend my honor – Protect my pride.
  55. Cause it’s Barbie b****, you can join the wave. I done penny, nickel, dime, I done coined the phrase.

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