How to Get a Woman to Surrender Herself to You in Love

Do you wish to become the type of guy who is just naturally attracts beautiful women? The thing is, so many guys in the seduction underground get stuck in their routines and strategies, and basically just fool women into getting interested in them.

You don’t have to be like that to be successful – there are some guys who are naturally attract women. If you want to become one of these “naturals,” just read on…

How To Get A Woman To Surrender Herself To You In Love

Confidence Where It Counts.

“Just act confident” – that’s what just about every piece of dating advice out there says. It gets tiring hearing that all the time because it doesn’t really help a guy figure out how to actually be confident. It’s not so simple and just pushing a button in your head.

The truth is that confidence is a huge factor in building attraction. However, it is a specific type of confidence, referred to as “core confidence.” Here’s how to build it up: guys improve their core confidence by always working to better themselves. Something about working toward a better self that is incredibly fulfilling.

What I’m getting at is that having an intense personal drive is what is going to help you build confidence in your manliness.

Never React.

One trait that really gets women interested is non-reaction. It may sound crazy – how could that ever be viewed as something attractive? Actually, it’s not so much the trait itself, but rather the implications created by it.

Basically, most guys out there are always looking for women to validate them. If women don’t accept them, they feel worthless and dejected. If you haven’t come to this conclusion already, I’ll spell it out: most guys are incredibly insecure.

By not showing your reactions to others (i.e. not changing your behavior based on them) then you show your emotional stability and unshakable sense of self. Ultimately, this means you elicit reactions in others without ever showing your own reactions.

Reaction is really just another word for emotions. If you can get a woman to feel a lot of emotions, then her attraction to you will build quickly.


Using a killer technique called fractionation, master seducers have been known to be able to make women fall in love very quickly – in the span of 15 minutes or even less.

It’s very effective, but sometimes misused by some men who wanted to make ‘love slaves’ out of women. If you must use this technique, please do so ethically.

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