How to Kiss a Girl on the First Date – 3 Techniques For Effortless Success

Imagine that you are on your first date with your dream girl and you are hoping to take whatever relationship you may have to the next level. What should you do next? Well, you should go in for that first kiss!

The big problem would be that it is possible to destroy everything to the point that you could even get some kind of drink thrown at you for attempting to go in for the kiss.

How can you ensure that your kiss will end up going well? Read on to discover three surefire techniques that can be used to get your first kiss.

How To Kiss A Girl On The First Date Itself – 3 Techniques For Effortless Success

Technique 1: “The Set Up”

Instead of attempting to get in there for that kiss on your own, you can simply make her go in for that kiss. To do this, you need to set up a situation in such ways where she totally wants to taste you. Flirt and tease her the whole night. If she ends up reacting well, then the deal is practically sealed.

Technique 2: “The Gaze”

This very subtle move can subconsciously send her direct messages. Look her directly in the eye and then look at her lips before looking at her other eye. This might sound strange, but it actually reveals how inclined she is for a kiss. Try it out and see it for yourself.

Technique 3: “Fractionation”

This is a hidden skill that is used by top artists in order to get women to completely fall in love with them in an instant. The main idea would be to use stories in order to take women through quick emotional lows and highs that make them connect to you emotionally, practically turning you into an addiction. She will be much more receptive to any moves that way; this includes that first kiss.

Fractionation can get women to fall in love with men in less than fifteen minutes. It is a little controversial and when misused, you could end up with stalkers. Be careful.

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