How to Make a Scorpio Happy in Friendship, Love, and Life in General

Are you living with a Scorpio? Has someone born under this sign caught your eye and you want to attract them to you? Are you living with a Scorpio, friends with, or otherwise attached to one? If so, then you need to know how to make a Scorpio happy in order to keep your own life sane and happy.

Consider these here main attributes of the sign and what it says about keeping them happy in relationships.


Scorpios have a very high sense of secrecy. They want their privacy and can seen to be slightly withdrawn from social situations at times. If you are in any sort of relationship with someone in this sign, it is important to give them their space.

How much space and exactly how it comes out in real life will vary from one person to another, but as you get to know the Scorpio in your life you will know when to back off and allow them to retreat a little.

Confidence and Will

People under this sign and usually very self confident and can be extremely strong willed and emotional. This is a kind of difficult combination to be in a relationship with sometimes, but if you understand these elements it can be dealt with.

Self confidence is a great thing and should be encouraged and boosted even further. Let them know how much you adore them, what you find attractive, and why you like them.

When they turn emotional, you should be there for them. Let them cry on your shoulder or talk it out whenever the urge hits. These moments could be great times to bond with this person in your life.


Finally, stay on your toes and give your Scorpion a challenge, as they can be very creative when it comes to getting things their way. They are not beyond manipulation and require a strong personality to balance this stubborn, hardheadedness at times.

Are you starting to see how to keep a Scorpio happy? In many ways your own personality and guiding sign could determine whether you can hang with someone under this sign or not.

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