How to Make Your Own Romantic Bucket List

Have you ever had your own sexy and romantic bucket list? A bucket list is a fun way to collect lots of creative romantic ideas to do with your partner in all occasions. You can also share your bucket lists with each other to exchange ideas and games for double more fun.

In spirit of the 2007 movie The Bucket List, we have a great project for you lovers out there. In three easy steps, you will create an imaginative list of sensual desires and see your love life rise above expectation. The objective is to live life to the fullest, centered around a fantastic lifelong love affair.

So how can you make your own romantic bucket list? It’s easier than you think. All you need is a journal or computer, some time and a little imagination, and this little exercise could be the start of an amazing journey together. :)

Step 1: Brainstorm Fun Romantic Ideas

The first step is for both you and partner to take some time and write down all of the things you hope to experience with each other in the future – places to see, activities to do, adventures to try, fun sexy games, and much more.

Write down the small events as well as the big adventures, because we all know that it’s the little things that make a difference in our daily lives.

There needn’t be a time limit for this step as it should be an ongoing creative process. Getting a preliminary list of desires to go on is all you are looking for at this stage. Think back to movies you have watched, books you’ve read, and stories you’ve heard that made you think, “Aww. I wish I had that.”

Also try and remember any lost fantasies, ideas or hopes that you have forgotten over the years.There is no need to censor yourselves; you have a lifetime to fulfill your dreams.

Step Two: Start Your Bucket List

Set up a romantic evening alone with your lover to begin your journal. Tell each other all about the ideas you have had over the last week or so of brainstorming and write them in the first pages of your bucket list journal. Sharing your intimate wishes with each other is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Then, the next time you feel like doing something sweet for your partner, planning a special celebration, or just feeling like knocking his socks off, you will have a wealth of ideas in the journal. What better gift for your partner than to fulfil one of his bucket list wishes?

Step Three: Record Your Experiences

As your fantasies are realized, note them into the pages of your love journal. You will get the added bonus of being able to look back to remember and relive your special experiences. There are many ways to keep a love journal. It could be a “He Said/She Said” memoir, you could write it together, or if you could make it a scrapbook.

So soon after a while, you will have a fantastic collection of fun romantic ideas on your bucket list. So anytime you feel like trying something creative and romantic, you can pick an idea from your list and surprise your partner.

Have fun with your bucket list adventures!

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