How to Talk to Women During Dating – Killer Secrets to Make Her Fall For You

Hey man – do you want to know the best method to make any woman fall for you? If you ever think that seduction is a complicated thing, then you have been misled.

The fact is that it’s relatively easy to make women like you – especially if you know the right tactics and techniques. Read on to discover the surefire ways to make women fall for you using nothing but your words. Let’s get started…

How to Talk to Women – Killer Secrets to Make Her Fall For You

Grow A Backbone.

The biggest mistake that men make when it comes to dating women is to COMPLY to every whim and fancy that she has. Don’t do that! Instead, you will need to grow a backbone and be opinionated.

Stop agreeing with everything that she says, have your own opinion and make a stand. She might find it uncomfortable at first, but she will grow to respect you, and like you more.

Give Her Drama.

The fact is that women LOVE drama in their lives. They are attracted to men who can make them experience a RANGE of emotions. You will need to get her on an emotional rollercoaster – so that she feels both happy and sad emotions.

One way to do this is to get her totally ecstatic, and then without prior warning totally be cold to her. She will start to wonder why and become emotionally challenged.

A particular technique, called fractionation, involves ‘anchoring’ the woman’s happy moments with you, so that she will only feel happy when she is with you.

This will make her emotionally connected and dependent on you. This technique is very powerful, but its usage have been very controversial due to its amoral nature. If you decide to use this technique, please do so responsibly.

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