Is You Husband Cheating On You?… Five Obvious Signs Of Infidelity

Marriage is probably one of the most fulfilling chapters of your own life. You get to know more about your partner and develop a deeply ingrained connection that will see the two of you through ups and downs. Without any doubt, married is something you look forward to. But not until another character called “other woman” comes into the picture. When this moment comes, there’s no other choice left for you but to believe and hope that your gut feel is giving you the wrong signals this time around. But no matter how you keep your doubts inside the box, the truth will slowly makes its way to you and you will just wake up one day trying to search for the obvious signs that he is, literally, cheating on you. Now is the best time to bring your inner detective and force him to tell the truth through these five obvious signs that your man is seeing another girl:

From Ugly Duckling To Gorgeous Swan

Okay. You know already that your man doesn’t even care how he looks or what he wears any time of the day. He is usually too busy making ends meet that he can’t buy time to revamp his image. But when an extra-marital love starts to work its way to your marriage, you will slowly notice how the wind can change its course in just a snap. Your man is not the old, greying slob anymore and what’s bothersome is the fact that the transformation just happened overnight, without any single idea if he’s really doing it for the sake of being presentable or to make himself more attractive to his prospective lover.

He Prefers To Have Sex In The Dark

Secrets are usually hidden in the dark and in the case of your cheating husband or boyfriend, that statement works both figuratively and literally. In any romantic relationship, be it legal or extra-marital, there’s always a big chance that an intimate moment is required to keep the flame burning. Your man can get bruises or scratch marks from his sexual encounters and because he’s very scared that you will find this out, he can do the craziest things possible like preferring to have sex with you in the dark (be suspicious at this point especially if both of you usually prefers “lights on” during sex) just to cover up his darkest secrets.

You Smell Something…Girly

Enough of the “I smell something fishy” kind of thing because if your guy is cheating on you, chances are you will smell something that resembles a woman’s scent other than what you usually wear almost every day. This is the perfect time to confront your man and in case he stutters or went overboard for becoming too defensive, then that’s the time for you to raise some red flags.

Liar, Liar

This must be one of the most obvious signs that your man is looking at the other side of the fence for a forbidden love. Seriously, you won’t make up stories about why you came home late or why you keep on mentioning somebody else’s name if you’re not hiding something. Once you find even a single detail worthy of suspicion, trust your instincts and delve a little bit deeper to confirm his infidelity.

You Can’t Help But Doubt

Women have natural instincts and more often than not, they can guide you to make the right decisions along the way. This is especially true if your doubts about your partner’s honesty are growing stronger than ever. It might be wrong but your gut feel might be whispering to you the truth which you always keep on denying. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt but never the prerogative to play you around.

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