Leo Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

LEO [July 23-Aug 21]

Daily Leo horoscope

Date: June 13, 2024

Opportunities for friendship, pleasant associations and enjoyable social interactions occur now. Personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding. Also, financial transactions go smoothly for you and material benefits are possible at this time.

Weekly Leo horoscope

Date: June 13 week

Excellent week for your career and social activities. There are indications that you\’d also enjoy some religious/spiritual activities this week . Family life will be excellent too. People who are married should expect an outing for fun this week which would make their spouse happy. Expect some good news which will give you much happiness by the end of the week. Most of your decisions are going to give desired results this week.

Monthly Leo horoscope

Date: June 2024

For Leo (Simha) Ascendant or Lagna this month indicates lack of better communications skills. You need to overcome lack of self confidence in your relationships. Sources of money could be low for you. You may expect unexpected obstacles in your Career this month. Unexpected problems could crop in your married/love life in this month so you need to be very careful as to how you conduct yourself in this relationship. Health may not be upto the mark in this month. For students and persons appearing for competitions etc this month indicates good success. Career, Incomes and Gains Saturn is transiting over the ascendant along with Ketu. It shows there is a need to put tremendous efforts. At the beginning of this month you become strongly aware of any intellectual weaknesses or communication difficulties that you have. You will not be able to avoid challenges in this area, so it is a question of buckling down and disciplining yourself to overcome lack of self-confidence. Dhanesh Mercury would be transiting over the 3rd house while Dashmesh ( 10th Lord) Venus would be transiting over the 2nd house in sign of debilitation. Due to its effects, there might be monetary threats. Sources of earnings would be very less than earlier one. Money might go freely from your hands. Transiting ascendant lord Sun over the sign of debilitation till 16th of November will be creating obstacles. You feel will lot of unexpected obstacles are coming in way of success. You are not able to carry your pursuits successfully. Even you will also have breakers in your normal life. Your opponents will have a desired chance to harm you. You could be subjected to false charges where your real involvement may be negligible. This period is not good as far as worldly comforts are concerned. Disputes in between you and your friends, seniors and other people are quite possible. Try to keep your cool . Love, Family and Social Life Rahu is transiting over the 7th house while Saturn and Ketu are aspecting to 7th house. This transit of planets indicates some domestic difficulties. Lots of problems are going to enter into your domestic life, without any invitation. These problems may spoil your domestic life. Be careful about it, otherwise your married life will go through unpleasant mode. You may have lot of expectations towards your spouse/lover; you will find that your expectations are not being fulfilled. It is the time when you will not get support form your partner. Since of unfavorable transit of ascendant lord Sun, there are various chances; you may loss your reputation in your social circle. Education and Traveling Transiting 4th and 9th lord Mars is aspecting to 5th house whereas 5th lord and functional benefic planet Jupiter is transiting over the 4th house. This is a very favorable transit of both karaka planets. That’s why; it is very favorable month for study and exams. You are going to achieve your desired fallouts. You would be praised by your teachers and your parents. 9th lord Mars and 3rd lord Venus both are transiting over the dual sign. Thus, long distance journeys are quite possible. Probably, you might have to go abroad since of commercial reasons. Health As ascendant lord Sun would be transiting over the sign of debilitation till 16th of November, therefore, you might have experience sick health. You might have to visit doctors frequently. There is a need to pay extra attention to health-related matters. Take diet properly and visit to doctor, if, you feel unwell.

Yearly Leo horoscope

Date: 2024

You will be benefited during 2024. From the better side of your disposition, you will be deep lover of nature in all the forms. You will visit abroad during 2024. There are chances to worship beautiful scenery, gardens, flowers, sculptures and even waterfalls. 2024 year will remain as a remarkable year in your life. You will have many idealistic companionships with members of your opposite sex, but more from the standpoint of affection and good comradeship than from passion. You will gain through lotteries. You will have a tendency for gambling during April 2024. You may suffer from appendicitis, internal lesions and trouble in the lower abdomen or intestinal tract. Although having good intuition about what other people should go. You will not be able to give yourself the same good advice. You are liable to be influenced by designing persons planning for their own advantage more than yours. You will spend heavily for medical purposes especially for delivery cases. You will have chances to live in dry climates. Despite increased expenditure unexpected income can also arrive. You will have litigation. A good year awaits realtors. From the month of July politicians may farewell. You can become the cynosure of all eyes but do not let that go to your head. Though welfare of the family is assured, there will be no peace of mind. You will enjoy festival programmes during June 2024 and you have to donate huge amount for educational purposes. A failure in spiritual practices may meet with obstacles. A delayed marriage can take off during this year. Anyway conjugal life will be smooth. You should be more careful while handling finance otherwise there is possibility of loss. Anyway discrete speculation can bring some gains. Love affairs meet with failure. Those who associate with cinema can increase their profits and popularity. Relation with parents will be harmonious. Longstanding desires can materialize during the year. Romance and emotional attachments will suffer. An un expectable fear can create anxiety. Fatigue due to aimless travel and simple windy complaints can bother you. A trusted friend may let you down. Please avoid water spots and avoid air travel also. There is possibility of acquiring jewellery. Professional activity may not bring in the results that you expect. Agreements or legacy interests surface. Resources may get a squeeze. Blood pressure patients must be extra careful. During the year there can be a disruption of normal life and you should pay more attention to your health. Partnership business poses problems. Investment in land properties is favoured. Increased responsibilities can invite strained relations with brother and sisters. During 2024, finances can fail of planning is not meticulous. There is possibility of alteration to your residence. A dispute in your industry or a rift with a co-worker can lead to tensions.

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