Libra Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

LIBRA [Sept. 24 – Oct. 23]

Daily Libra horoscope

Date: April 11, 2024

You are inclined to be aggressive and hot-tempered now, particularly when your will is blocked. Your pushiness or competitive attitude is likely to create antagonism, hostility, and further resistance to your efforts. It is best to work alone rather than try to cooperate or coordinate your efforts with anyone at this time. Also, you are impatient and tend to behave in an impulsive, irritable way which makes you more prone to accidents during this period.

Weekly Libra horoscope

Date: April 11 week

This week too you need to put in good efforts to gain the desired results, but you have good chances of gains this week. You’d be able to handle the work pressures this week. Avoid getting in to any arguments with your boss this week. Indications of unplanned expenditure are there this week , which you won’t be able to avoid. Family life will be normal this week. Health will be normal and without any incident.

Monthly Libra horoscope

Date: April 2024

For Libra (Tula) Ascendant or Lagan this month indicates average to low results for your Career. You may only get success with very hard efforts only. You may have to perform more than the 100% to get success. This is going to be auspicious month for love/married related matters. Preplanning is must for getting success in educational pursuits. This may not be a good month for health related issues and your health will be sluggish in this month. Career, Incomes and Gains Ascendant lord Venus would be transiting over the 12th in sign of debilitation. It might make an awful impact over your confidence and self-reliance. You would be confused and less on self-confidence. There might be a world of illusion around you. However, transiting Bhagyesh Mercury over the ascendant from 4th of November would be helpful. Your sincere efforts might bring success in your ventures. Hence, there is a need to perform as per your capabilities. You should not forget that you need to believe in your self-potential is going to be your strength. Use your strength as a weapon and get a victory over the hindrances, troubles and failure. Businessmen as well as Servicemen would be benefited similarly as Mercury and Saturn both are transiting over the favorable houses. For some people freedom and expansion of horizons will be more important than security. The recommend to explore foreign countries – their people and culture – can play an important role in your career now. Trust in your hunches – your intuitive powers are at their highest in this month, and you have the obsession to take on any challenge. You may however find that your interests lie outside the professional sphere. Investment in petroleum, iron, coal, steel, telecom and communication would be profitable. Love, Family and Social Life Saptmesh ( 7th Lord) Mars is transiting over the 9th, Chaturthesh ( 4th Lord) Saturn is transiting over the 11th and noble Jupiter is transiting over the 2nd house. Thus, this is an auspicious month as far as your married life/love is concerned. This is an outstanding month for love related matters. You’re going to enjoy your love/married life. Those who are married, will also enjoy their married life. However, they have minor disputes or misunderstandings with their life partners as Venus is transiting over the sign of debilitation and it would be aspected by Saturn. Both of you should try to control your aggressiveness. Education and Traveling Chaturthesh-Panchmesh Saturn is transiting over the 11th house while Bhagyesh Mercury is transiting over the ascendant. This is an encouraging transit of both planets; you may get success in your ventures. However, Transiting Rahu over the 5th house may create obstacles in this sphere. Due to Rahu, you may divert your concentration towards unfruitful deeds, therefore, pre-planning is must. Those are pursuing diploma in agriculture, machinery, electrical and well electronic would capable to achieve encouraging fallouts. If, you’re waiting or wishing to go abroad, your wishes might be fulfilled during this month. Be ready for roaming around the world. Health Due to, transit of Venus over the 12th house and aspect of Saturn over the ascendant, There are very high chances of sick health. Health wise it is not a good month. You might suffer due to chronic as well as fever or other such kinds of diseases. You should take diet properly and do not avoid any minor health problems. You should visit to doctors otherwise it might have a hostile influence on your professional life too.

Yearly Libra horoscope

Date: 2024

The year 2024 is a lucky period for the persons under “Libra”. You will be full of life during this year. A litigation will end in compromise. You will visit foreign countries with your family. Those who are fond of sports and pleasure will have a wonderful time this year 2024. Speculation will lead to profit. You will win lotteries. You will deposit money safely during March 2024. Pursue your hobbies to keep depression at bay. You may loose sleep over disputes with labour problem. You will get challenged. You will spend money exorbitantly as hospital expenses especially for child birth or delivery expenses. You will get a sincere and loyal worker during June 2024. You will have some health problems also. You are forced to donate huge amount for educational purposes for your child. Please follow your intuition as it may work wonders. Take a break from your monotonous career and spend some time with your family. You will spend a lot of money for pilgrim centres. You will be appreciated for your sincere work during July 2024.Your child will have to take a break in education. You will be more fond of dance and musical concerts. You should be vigilant while traveling as well as signing the agreements and documents. You will get cheated by your staff .You will get the long awaited promotion during 2024.You will attend funeral function of a close relative during May 2024. Intellectual disclosures will take a lot of time during this year. You will get lot of time to read classical and important texts. You will win court cases connected to wills or legacies. Please watch out for trouble makers and allegations of misappropriation of funds. You will be very much anxious about your kids during August and September 2024.You will enjoy classical music and break dance.. You will have strange romantic experience during October – November 2024.Those of you are about to retire can expect a bounty. Please do not speculate as you may not succeed. Your industrious nature will win you fans. Your craving for power and prestige will be realized during December 2024. You will get pen friends or friends through chitchat or through modern technology. Changes will give vitality to your life during May 2024. You should be vigilant while selecting your friends. Sales of oilseeds will bring you profit. You will be perhaps involved in scandals. Hence you should be very careful while purchasing and writing documents. A long voyage and foreign stay can be predicted. It is advisable to wear blue sapphire gem on a golden ring on your third finger.

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