Lil Wayne Weezy Quotes

Read some really hot quotes from Weezy collected from xanga, myspace tumblr and much more!! Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wayne, is an American rapper.

  1. My reality is bigger than your dreams are, Got ya dream girl ridin’ in your dream car…
  2. She used to always say “fuck my niggas” but when I went to jail, she fucked my niggaaas.
  3. If I can’t live free, if i can’t live with the same respect as the next man, I don’t wanna be here — lil Wayne
  4. Look at that ice, there’s a ridiculous price, but your camera has never seen a picture this nice.
  5. I take 3 L’s to the head, love , live , life & i’m dead
  6. Keep your mouth closed, and let your eyes listen.
  7. Always talk to God, never listen to the cops.
  8. I’m the one who has to die when its time for me to die. so let me live my life the way i want to.
  9. and them birds don’t fly, without my permission, i’m probably in the sky, flying with the fishes, or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pigeons, see my world is different, like dwayne wayne…
  10. I go to earth when mars is boring.
  11. if you need a example on how to live then you just should have not been born…. straight up Lil Wayne
  12. i got ice, ridiculous price, ya camera has never saw a picture this nice
  13. i am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats
  14. Good girl, gone bad Crooked world, wrong path Right mom, wrong dad
  15. I gotta die with money cuz i wasnt born with it
  16. I’m the bomb like – tickk. tick.
  17. i never had hight but boy i got heart.
  18. I don’t make sense yadda yadaaaaa
  19. if you leave you leaving the best so you would have to settle for less
  20. Drag my name through the mud, I come out clean.
  21. I kissed my daddy
  22. Dont we carry choppers on a neck and call it cut throat
  23. Baby I could bless you and you aint even sneezin, i Could have you dreaming and you aint even sleeping, I’ll be at your rescue and you dont even need me.
  24. Call me Mr. President or call me Mr. Ever Care or Mr. Everywhere or Mr. Never Care or Mr. Never Scared.
  25. i have no brain im retarded
  26. Cause my seconds, minutes, hours Go to the almighty dollar And the almighty power Of dat cha cha cha chopper
  27. Hip-Hop aint dead it just had a heart attack
  28. Ma sex game is stupid, my head is the dumbest, I promise, I should be hooked on phonics
  29. I’m not looking down but I see no one above me
  30. I don’t even know how to rap – lil wayne
  31. I am untamed – I need a leash. I am insane – I need a shrink. I love brain – I need a leech.
  32. i am too dark to tan
  33. Scary movie be screaming when I rhyme I’ma ‘King’ you can ask ‘Steven’ if I’m lying
  34. Stick it in deeper I like in hard fast and deep
  35. We make music in tha bedroom
  36. if you are shooting for the stars….then just shoot me
  37. I know I’ve gotta lock my casket tight so I don’t let the Devil in

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