Lips Size and Love Prediction

Lips Size and Love Prediction

Eyes may be the window to the soul, but research by the Unversity of Leicester, England, has found that lips are the best indicators for predicting a person’s love potential.

The study found that:

  • Women with fuller lips are 28% more likely to be seen as just a fun date rather than marriage material
  • Men with thinner lips are 39% more likely to have a longer-lasting relationship than men with full lips
  • While women with thinner lips are 57% more likely to have longer relationships than women with fuller lips
  • 88% of happy couples chose long-term partners with lips that mirrored their own
  • Men with fuller lips were 21.6% more likely to be rated as healthier
  • Women with fuller lips were 37.6% more likely to be rated as healthy

So, although fuller lips are more attractive, our relationships tend to last longer with people who have similar lips to our own.

The size of your lips can also reveal a lot about your personality, say the researchers:

If you have…

  1. A large mouth: You’re laid back, relaxed, easy, generous, and enjoys being in the middle of life.
  2. A small mouth: You’re independent, strong-willed, precise, have great endurance and fighting spirit.
  3. Full lips: You’re emotional, passionate, sensual, expressive, talkative and outgoing.
  4. Thin lips: You’re efficient, achieving, disciplined, make clear and precise statements, and get on with life without a fuss.

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