Love Notes

Love Notes

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Every once in a while, we all need to know that we are loved, that there is someone in this whole wide world who loves us for who and what we are. It certainly feels good to know that we are loved. Such an awareness makes us feel better about ourselves, improves our self-confidence and our well-being. It definitely feels good to know that we are loved.

It must also feel good to express our love in little ways. If the knowledge that you are loved uplifts you, then surely the knowledge that you love that special someone in your life must be great for that person too. So, we must make it a point to let that someone in our lives know that we love him or her. It does not have to be a grand gesture of eternal love all the time. Sometimes, little love notes are enough.

How do you make love notes?

It really is not hard to make one. While there are many different ways of presenting a love note, with your own personal creativity as the only limit, there is only one requirement to make a great love note. Great love notes only need to be sincere. If you really love the person to whom you will give the love note, it will show through your writing no matter how short or simple it is.

That being said, here are a few suggestions that you could use to make a nice love note that will put a smile on your special someone’s face and bring warmth to his or her heart.

1. Keep it simple.

When you write your love note, keep it short and simple. Notes are just notes – they are meant to be read in a single glance to bring the message across. Sometimes, simply scribbling the words “I love you” on a sheet of post-it stationery and sticking it inside her purse or his briefcase in such a way that it would be the first thing to be noticed when the purse or the briefcase is opened is enough.

2. Hint at a joyful, shared memory.

he two of you must have spent some good times together, either alone or with friends. Making him or her remember some of those good times together will refresh the feelings of warmth, happiness and affection shared during those times. Memories and nostalgia can be powerful things.

For example, let us say that you had your wedding anniversary and you celebrated by going on a holiday to Paris. Putting a small note where he or she can easily find it, written with the words “Je t’aime” and “Remember Paris,” will certainly stir up a lot of lovely memories of your holiday.

3. Make your note a sensory experience.

Sensory cues are always great in reinforcing and recalling memories. The mind always creates memories out of sensory cues. To bring out nice memories of your time together, make your little love note a sensory experience. Spray it with a little of your perfume. If you are a woman, dab on the lipstick that you know he likes and leave a mark of your lips on the note. In the “Remember Paris” example mentioned above, you can use a picture of the two of you in Paris and write the note on the back of the picture.

Give your little love notes to the person that you love whenever you can. You do not have to wait for a special occasion to give it. Every single day in our lives is always special when we are in love.

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