Paris Hilton Quotes

Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981) is an American socialite, heiress, media personality, model, singer, author, fashion designer and actress. She is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton (founder of Hilton Hotels).

  1. A true heiress is never mean to anyone – except a girl who steals your boyfriend.
  2. All British people have plain names, and that works pretty well over there.
  3. All it takes is one drink to mess with the way you drive – it clouds your judgment and slows your reflexes. Don’t take any chances. It just isn’t worth it.
  4. By channeling my inner heiress, I created a new opportunity for young heiresses.
  5. Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything.
  6. Everything I do is blown out of proportion. It really hurts my feelings.
  7. First I wanted to be a veterinarian. And then I realized you had to give them shots to put them to sleep, so I decided I’d just buy a bunch of animals and have them in my house instead.
  8. I always knew I had a voice and I’ve always known I could sing, but I was too shy to let it come out. I think it’s the hardest thing to do, to sing in front of people. When I finally let go and did it, I realized it’s what I’m most talented at and what I love to do the most.
  9. I don’t like parties past 2 am. Then it’s all losers and weirdos.
  10. I don’t really think, I just walk.
  11. I don’t think there’s ever been anyone like me that’s lasted. And I’m going to keep on lasting.
  12. I don’t want to be known as the granddaughter of the Hiltons. I want to be known as Paris.
  13. I don’t want to be known as the Hilton heiress, because I didn’t do anything for that.
  14. I get along with guys; most of my friends are guys. It’s easier to trust men sometimes. I only have a few close girlfriends that I trust.
  15. I get half a million just to show up at parties. My life is, like, really, really fun.
  16. I hate the taste of alcohol. When I’m drinking, I’m drinking Red Bull.
  17. I hate when a guy brags… or he sweats.
  18. I have been celibate for about six or seven months, I think. I would rather just make out and kiss someone instead of sex. I’m single. I said I would be single for a year and I am.
  19. I like it, but it’s yellow, and I’m like, I didn’t want yellow for my engagement ring.
  20. I love Africa in general South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries.
  21. I take my dog Tinkerbell seriously. I take my job seriously. But I don’t take myself all that seriously.
  22. I talk in that baby talk voice when I’m on TV, it’s a put on.
  23. I think it’s important for girls to be confident. Believe in yourself and… everybody’s hot.
  24. I travel around the world constantly promoting my projects and endorsing products. Yes, I do get paid to go to parties; in fact, I’m the person who started the whole trend of paid appearances. But when you see me at a party, I’m always working or promoting something.
  25. I’d imagine my wedding as a fairy tale… huge, beautiful and white.
  26. I’m blonde and tanned and normal-sized! I’m sweet, shy, funny, have a big heart and I’m nice – and I like to eat.
  27. I’m not the same person I was. I used to act dumb. It was an act. I am 26 years old, and that act is no longer cute. It is not who I am, nor do I want to be that person for the young girls who looked up to me. I know now that I can make a difference, that I have the power to do that.
  28. I’m the kind of person who, if I see a shooting star, I wouldn’t stay there and watch it. I’d run to my friends and tell them because I would want everyone to see it too.
  29. I’m the nicest, most loyal person in the world when it comes to my friends.
  30. I’m very intelligent. I’m capable of doing everything put to me. I’ve launched a perfume and want my own hotel chain. I’m living proof blondes are not stupid.
  31. I’ve made all my money on my own without my family and I work very hard.

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